Pepper Agave Latte

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Food was not bad, and portion wise was decent. The cheeseburger had a juicy and flavourful patty, with a slice of cheese, some vegetables and sautéed onions. There was also curly fries on the side. The pasta was creamy and had black pepper and garlic flavour, with a mild miso taste that could be tasted afterwards. The salmon was grilled well, with tender meat and crispy salted skin. The seaweed went really well with the pasta.

Since we are paying a visit to The Coffee Academics, of course we had to give their unique coffees a try. The pepper agave item caught our eye and it is basically a standard latte, topped with agave nectar and ground black pepper on top. The black pepper was the most unique part of the drink as we have never tasted anything like it before - pretty interesting although others may have different views. While there is supposed to be agave nectar in the drink, the sweetness of the nectar was completely overpowered by the spiciness of the black pepper.

However, we forgot to mix the drink properly and as a result, most of the black pepper remained at the surface. Consequently, we finished most of the black pepper at the start and the remainder of the drink tasted like a normal latte. Don't make the same mistake and mix your drink thoroughly before drinking it! Otherwise, it's a pretty interesting concoction that you can get at $6.40++!

Ordered the manuka coffee and ground pepper coffee @ $6.40 each. First time drinking ground pepper coffee and it was a good mixed of sweet and savoury. Rather interesting taste.

Coffee with Pepper on top

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1-for-1 mains

Ordered crispy fish fillet tacos and spicy crab meat linguine.

The crispy fish fillet tacos per the attached photo felt like a fusion dish. It was rather dry unlike normal tacos with generous sauces. There were mangoes (sour) and red bell peppers. A good crunch and interesting dish but having 3 tacos is too much to eat alone as the taste gets quite sickening after the first taco.

The spicy crab meat linguine was not bad. I’ve tried a few crab pasta and this is not the best I’ve had.

The bill was a little funny because the 10% service charge was based on before the 1-for-1 pricing. Tacos was $24.61 and linguine was $25.68. Total Bill was $50.29 before Burpple discount. After the Burpple deal it was $24.61 but the service charge was $5.03 instead of $2.46. Small amount so I didn’t make a fuss but still find it a little weird because I didn’t face this at other dining areas.

Total bill: $30.70

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we tried @thecoffeeacademics to kickstart our first burpple buddy food review!!

taste: 3.5/5
ambience: 3.5/5
service: 3.5/5
value: 3/5

come back again? yes w burpple beyond

the academics breakfast ($27.82)- didnt know why the reviews said it wasnt good. really liked the texture and taste of the sourdough bread it felt fresh?? q generous w the truffle which is a plus point. mushrooms were good too. everything else is just uhm basic lor nothing fantastic. the sausage was tough

lemon ricotta pancakes ($19.26) - pancakes were very dry without any of the accompanying condiments; the maple syrup they provided had a tinge of lemon that went well with the lemon in the pancake better, cream was the best accompaniment to the pancakes!

pepper agave latte ($6.42)- u know u go kopitiam order soft boiled eggs then u add pepper right imagine that but in coffee form. the pepper damn gao, cant taste the sweetness of the agave and the coffee was too acidic for my taste.

manuka coffee ($6.42)- the honey was drizzled on top of the coffee, when mixed the flavour of the honey was very fragrant and apparent

Pepperoni pizza with thin crust.

We had the spicy crab meat pasta ($24) and Truffle Portobello Pizza ($24). The pasta was overcooked, crabmeat had some shells in them and the sauce was full of pepper & tasted like cheap sauce. The pizza was tasty, however the crust was almost burnt and really hard. Ambience was great but the mains aren’t worth the price. On top of the subpar food, the service charge was based on the original price of the bill although we used Burpple 1-for-1. May return again but not for their mains and definitely not at it’s full price.

Not the savory kind of taste but it’s fragrance made the coffee more pungent

Good coffee and beautiful interiors for a leisurely afternoon. Sip on the Pepper Agave latte ($7.50) with a kick from freshly ground black pepper, and fill the tummy with an Angus Beef Cheesy Burger and the Umami Pasta (or any 2 mains of your choice) for the price of 1.
Enjoy 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond!
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