Strawberry (Seasonal)

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What a lovely quiet cafe! Too bad I bought this to go, but I will be back. The beautiful ruby red of the strawberries caught my eye and I fell in love. And it was worthy of my admiration. Strawberries were sweet and juicy. The custard cream beneath was light and not sweet. Complemented the strawberries perfectly. This was the most expensive tart I have ever bought, but I think it was worth every cent.


Tarte by Cheryl Koh has opened its new cafe space at the second level of Shaw Centre and feature not only tarts but cakes and beverages as well. Tried the Fraisier ($10) and the first mouth went straight to my heart! The cream, sandwiched between the sponge, is delicate, moist and rich in a sweet vanilla flavour that's just right enough not to cloy, along with what seems and tastes like toasted meringue on the top. Strawberries taste fresh and sweet as well with a slight tang that goes very well with the sponge and cream and gives the cake a bit of a bite. $10 might raise expectations on a cake, but there's no doubt that this cake is near perfect - to me at least - and the only thing that needs improvement would be the structure of it; notice how the meringue is not lined uniformly on the top and the cake looks a little pressed down. Otherwise, I thoroughly loved every moment of the strawberry shortcake-lookalike and there's no doubt I'd be back here for this if I'd ever like to treat myself to a generous splurge on dessert. 😋

Tarte by Cheryl Koh had recently moved to another unit up at the second floor of Shaw House; a new space with a dedicated dining area that is no longer shared with Caveau Bar like how it used to. The new space also serves up a wider variety of tarts, few pastries and cakes as well.

While the Fraisier wasn't an item that was the most aesthetically impressive to me, the flavours really made up for it — the light yet rich hint of vanilla in the Creme Mousseline that almost made up the entire cake was the highlight; went very well with the tartness of the strawberries as well as the adequately moist, light sponge that lines the top and the bottom of the dessert.


fresh seasonal strawberries on a light vanilla cream

It was so good and well balanced. It's simply my favorite tart place in Singapore and I don't mind keep coming back again for more!

This week will be my last week with everyone at work. Mixed feelings. 😞😞😞


While we loved the tart base and light cream, the fresh French strawberries surprised us on the downside with its sourness. Nonetheless, it made our calories count and we look forward to more of their seasonal creations!

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