Matcha Azuki Choux

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Too bad when we came at 8pm, there were only 4 flavors left. So, we ordered Matcha Azuki ($4) and Tiramisu ($5). Love the light and airy choux with creamy fillings. The size is just nice too.
They share the space with The Pourover Bar that serves specialty coffee ranging from $5 to $45 (yes, for a cup!)


We had the time to enjoy a little sweet treat.
Tough time don't last but tough people do.
Blessed midweek everyone.

What a unique name! This cafe specialises in choux pastries. We tried vanilla ($4), apple cinnamon ๐ŸŽ ($4), raspberry ($5), lemon meringue ๐Ÿ‹ ($4), matcha azuki ๐Ÿต ($4.50), tiramisu ($5) and dark chocolate ๐Ÿซ ($4.50). If the regular ones are too much for you, you can order the mini ones, seven for $21!


Ollella offers seven choux โ€“ vanilla, apple cinnamon, raspberry, lemon meringue, matcha azuki, dark chocolate and tiramisu.

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Ended up with one more Choux Puff from Ollella because it's so hard to resist Matcha which only came out after I ordered the other two. Piped with matcha cream on the top, this exudes a light, tea aroma while the earthy, sweet Azuki beans are hidden within the crusty Choux. Quite satisfying for a matcha lover!

Ollela/The Pourover Bar/Choquette is located at 3 Petain Road, Residences@Somme, #01-01, Singapore 208108