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Volcano Ramen

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🥢 Served with "Volcano" Chilli paste, marinated minced Chicken, Chicken Chashu, Corn Niblets, Nameko Mushrooms, Seaweed, Green Onions and a Hanjuku Egg

🧾 SGD$11.90

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💬 So I initially ate this bowl of noodles a couple of months back, but I was reluctant to post it because that was actually my first time eating halal ramen and it was not good, albeit the decent reviews online. I felt that it was unfair of me to judge without having tried other halal places yet, at least for a comparison before criticising. Now fast forward a few months and having tried others, it is safe to say that my previous criticism was not unwarranted. One of the key components of ramen would be the ramen noodles of course, and when the noodles are bad it is hard to salvage the meal. I do not know what happened but these noodles were soft, overcooked and the opposite of springy. Their texture reminded me of noodles from those Chinese lamian foodcourt stalls. The broth was also barely satisfactory, tasting rather mild even though it had this creamy look and milky flavour. The "Volcano" chilli was not spicy even at level 3, definitely underwhelming if you are a spice lover. The only thing I liked were the marinated minced chicken but I cannot justify paying $12 for that. Frankly, I am still rather hesitant in adding this into my ramen log as I did not feel like I actually ate ramen. However since they do call this Japanese ramen, it will therefore be rated as one.

Had the Chicken Floss Cutlet Sushi roll together with the Signature Volcano Chincken Ramen ($11.90). L2 spice level was just right. Food taste pretty decent for the price

Ordered Volcano ramen (spicy level 3). Broth is not bad, filled with mushrooms and a whole Japanese style soft-boiled egg was given. Overall, it will not be spicy for spicy lovers. Broth is quite interesting and strangely reminds me a little of laksa😅

For halal ramen, this tasted really good as compared to the halal ramen I had in Japan before. The broth is flavourful and the spicy level is bearable for level 1. Had it for supper and it was great for comfort food

Ordered the Volcano Ramen (Level 2), nothing memorable about this ramen but all I can say is that the chicken broth wasn’t very oily, which was good. The chilli was mandatory for me to complete the ramen, hence the order.


Couldn’t decide which ramen to settle on so we got one of each.

Chicken Char Siew Ramen
- Broth is light but there’s not much depth to it. Pretty standard chicken broth. Char Siew is really good tho, I only had a small piece from my friend’s bowl but I like it a lot.

Beef Ramen
- Love the broth, it has more depth compared to the other 2. Generous amount of beef too but it’s the most expensive out of the 3 and doesn’t come with egg (which I personally feel that it’s the essence of ramen) but you can add it as a side for $1.50. Worth the price.

Volcano Ramen (Level 3)
- We requested for the chilli to be placed separately and as a spicy lover, I didn’t taste the spice at all till half the chilli from the saucer was poured in. I’m estimating that to be around level 2? When almost all was poured in, the soup turned red but it isn’t as spicy as it looks. So if you’re a spicy eater like me, level 2 or 3 should be fine. This broth is also slightly different from the rest, it’s not as light as the chicken one but it’s not as flavourful as the beef one. I guess the focus point is on the chilli. Note that this bowl of ramen only comes with minced chicken, but you can also add on char siew slices for $2

We also ordered a plate of seafood gyoza to share (not in picture). It’s not aesthetically pleasing and looks like it came from frozen packet but it’s decent. Wouldn’t order it again tho.

Overall, I’ll return to this place with my Muslim friends and order either the Beef or Volcano Ramen.


This Volcano Ramen is a mild Level 1 with a wee bit of heat that doesn’t overpower the flavours. Really enjoyed this chicken broth as it’s not heavy and oily like the usual tonkotsu broth. I’m also a fan of thin ramen noodles, though I’ll prefer them to be slightly more crunchy.
Level 2 was enough to make my colleague sweat and Level 3... I’ll let you know if I get to try it next time 🤪
$11+ for a delicious bowl with chicken char siew, minced meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wakame, corn (removed from this bowl) and boiled egg is a pretty good value. Thanks to my colleagues @aisyarila and @adeesardali for bringing me and @thundrrr here for dinner! #burpple

I ordered their signature Ramen dish - The Volcano Ramen and it comes with minced chicken, a slice or two of chicken cha shu, corn nibblets, bamboo shoots, seaweed, braised egg and of course, the ‘volcano’ chili paste. When you order, they will ask you to choose the spiciness level of the Volcano Ramen with 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest and most spiciest and OBVIOUSLY, I had to chose Level 3.

My verdict of the ramen? It's actually quite tasty (considering that I've tasted better ramen in the past). The broth is flavourful and the ingredients inside help to enhance the taste. However once you mix the 'volcano' chili paste in, all you could taste is the chili, which can be quite overwhelming for some after a few mouthful.

Personally I don't find the chili paste spicy at all. In the menu, it's written that the paste is made from Red Chilies and Dried Indian Chili Padi. In my head I was like "Huh that's all?" but then again, I guess everyone has differing tastes and differing spicy level tolerance.

Oh, and they don't add any MSG, which is a big plus of course!

Price: $11+


Had the Volcano Ramen at Level 1 of spiciness. Not purely spicy and it manages to retain a good flavour of how ramen tastes. Only negative bit is that the eggs are overcooked and not soft boiled when it should actually be.

Top right: Volcano ramen $11
Top left: Beef ramen $12.9
Middle: Chicken ramen $11

Love the beef ramen out of the 3 bowls. Broth was tasty! Volcano was nice but starting to prefer chicken slice instead of minced chicken in it. Chicken ramen was alright, calm and fragrant. Beef was marinated very well and it has a distinctive taste to it that it doesn't fade away even though it's in the soup which is of a different taste. It was also tender and soft!! Very generous with the beef quantity. Boiled eggs given in the volcano and chicken ramen was yummy.

Personally felt that the presentation this time was not nice compared to the previous time I visit. As seen in the picture, some ingredients have sinked into the soup.