Yuan Yang

$3.30 · 3 Reviews

Crispy crumbly bolo bun stacked with a thick slab of butter with additional upgrades of yummy fried egg and tomato slices. Best paired with a cup of creamy yuan yang :)


Guess who eventually got her egg tarts? Me!!! So apparently if you want to queue for the take away, they'd tell you that it's sold out so the only way you could taste these egg tarts is to dine in. Many people actually dined in and order excess just so they could take away but I overheard the conversation of the staff that they're going to disallow it. Not sure how they're going to go about it since this'd result in displeasure in the customers for sure. Aside from that, their service was pretty slow. With empty tables around, they were letting the customers waiting in line at glacier pace which eventually prompted one of them to voice out about said situation. Their reply? Lack of manpower.

Anyway, egg tarts are not that aesthetically pleasing and seems like the QC of these egg tarts is not as stringent and strict as those of Tai Cheong (they threw away almost an entire batch that wasn't up to standard 😱😱😱) Nonetheless, the egg tart is quite good. Subtly sweet and wobbly custard centre and crumbly pastry. I still prefer Tai Cheong's rendition. Their yuan yang was okay, I don't think there was anything particularly good about it. Polo bun has that signature crumbly top and with a slice of butter sandwiched in between... yum, though I would prefer it to br warmer so that the butter would melt a little within.

Also had their Baked cheesy pork chop tomato sauce spaghetti whatsoever, I don't remember the name, weeps. Didn't take picture since my mom dismantled the dish. I don't find it jelat probably because I shared it with mom.

I'd give this place a 3.5/5!!!!

Note: I think it's better to wait for the hype to die down. The wait isn't that bad considering it was about 45 minutes but honestly, if they'd let the people in quicker, especially when it's evident that there are empty tables around, it'd be better. Maybe it's their hunger marketing strategy. Who knows?


Catch the Hong Kong Milk Tea & Yuan Yang Master, Mr Luo Tak, in the house for a couple of weeks at Honolulu Cafe Singapore — officially opens to public today at 1100, The Centrepoint.