Garlicky (Chicken/Tenders/Wings!)

$28.90 Β· 3 Reviews

Boneless chicken tenders in special soy sauce topped with crunchy garlic flakes 》$26.90

My favourite among the dishes that we ordered. Good for sharing with 2 pax. Chir chir is more suitable for group gathering due to their portions. More people = try more dishes.

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Moist chicken breast meat with a fragrant crispy batter, loved the chewy rice cakes and the roasted sweet potatoes that came with it! I really hope there was many of the savoury soy sauce dressing with it!! Scrapped most of it off the paper while munching non-stop!
The bedok point outlet had really good lighting and we were lucky to be seated slightly just after 5 on Saturday. There was a crazy queue around 6!