Haloumi & Mushrooms (Brunch)

$22.00 · 5 Reviews

I loved the intense flavors of the wild mushrooms and the grilled crust of the haloumi. What a great way to start the day. This makes you feel like you've enjoyed a 4-0 win with a Ronaldo hat trick. #burpple #lovesportslovefood #selfbetatestingnewsports-foodratingsystem


Locally grown mushrooms with pan fried oh so yummy haloumi. I never used to order this because I thought to myself 'how exciting can mushrooms and cheese be?' Let's just say I was proven to be very wrong.

Available at brunch on weekends.
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HALOUMI. Enough said. Couldn't wrap our heads around the savoury+sweet mix of smoked salmon and pancakes though.


Spontaneous decision to have brunch here - middle eastern fusion food served with plenty of spices to whet our appetite. There was no looking back from the first bite. Could not get enough of the mushrooms on toast with Haloumi cheese, nor the fried chicken with its oh so tender meat. A repeat visit is most certainly in order.

Total awesomeness on a plate! If a meat-lover like me can be seduced by this plate of toasted Turkish bread heaped with slabs of haloumi cheese, organic mushrooms, smashed avocado and a Japanese mustard called mizuna, you can imagine how dazzling it must be.