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Makgeolli Sampler Set

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We had double of this as it was 1 for 1 promotion. Makgeolli overdose!! House Brew Organic Makgeolli, Yucha Makgeolli Slush, Passionfruit Makgeolli, Blood Orange Makgeolli, Lychee Makgeolli. So which one is your favorite? My love goes to Lychee 😘


Seafood Rapokki (S$22), Spam fries (S$14), Tofu Chips (S$14), Makgeolli Sampler (S$35) - when you can't decide which one to try, go for alllll of them!! *hic* Pretty satisfying, hearty dinner at Joo Bar after watchingγ€Šε―’ζˆ˜2》"Cold War 2" movie - ooh and Aaron Kwok is as suave as ever! 😍😍😍


A makgeolli inspired bar/restaurant!!! Need I say more? BRING IT ON. From the addictive banchan at the start, to the delicious items on the menu, and of course, the drinks! I loved every single item on the menu 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

From left: original, yuzu, peach, strawberry, and lychee. I'd return for the yuzu, which tastes like fancy Marigold Yuzu!


Simple pleasures in life, like layering a slice of firm tofu with a slice of salty spam, then topping it all with sheets of spicy pickled cabbage and lean pork – eat it all in one bite for a mini fireworks show of flavours in the mouth. And of course, wash the food down with Joo's homebrewed makgeolli infused with fruity flavours (pictured here are peach, strawberry and kiwi); the sampler includes 5 flavours in all, including the original Joo Brew.