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Coffee Ribs

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A zichar I've always found so-so. But the coffee ribs this time were excellent. That's a lot of ikan bilis in the vegetable. We didn't get the signature ming zhu rolls this round.

Delivery by @paul_liew from @kengengkee
Signature Chilli Crab
A must for all crab lovers.
Fish Head Soup Bee Hoon.
Deep fried Snake fish fins coated with flour, soaking up the rich broth, giving the fish a different texture & flavour.
Coffee Ribs.
Fills the whole house w coffee fragrance.
Love this every time, anytime.
Salted egg Squid.
One whole squid served.
Fried Kang kong in fermented beancurd.
Acquired taste. Love this.
Mantou to soak up the chilli crab sauce.
One big satisfied meal.
The beauty of WFH.
Thank you @paul_liew @chefzwayne_ @kengengkee
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No lacking in Wok Hei, it also had an alluring consistency and taste from the egg mixed in.
Their herbal prawn soup was another of our must-order item. Just perfect for the cool weather, both the soup and big juicy fresh prawns were so satisfying not a drop would be spared.
Not only were they good for their coffee ribs kinda dish, their prawn rolls were also one of the benchmarks with big crunchy chestnuts in almost every bite.
We just love coming back to KEK, much also to recommend it to everyone else.

Tender ribs soaked in sweet and sticky sauce, the coffee ribs are so fragrant I could eat it like this with just a bowl of rice πŸ‘πŸΌ

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To be honest I wasn't very impressed the first time I went because I found the flavours unbalanced and a bit on the heavy side. Still decided to give it another try, since it's pretty close to NUS.
Suggested to have dinner at this famed zi char place w my lab mates before some of them leave for their homeland. Glad that the chef was not heavy handed this time round and that my friends all enjoyed the food! .
We got 8 dishes for 8 of us πŸ˜‚.
1. Moonlight Horfun (large)
2. Coffee pork ribs (med)
3. Hotplate tofu (med)
4. Mingzhu roll (med)
5. Hei zou (med)
6. Spinach w 3 eggs (med)
7. Chill crab
8. Steamed salted egg crab.
If you're wondering, we cleared it. 🀣
The slightly oily and tasty moonlight Horfun w lup cheong and salted fish doesn't need any introduction. Their specialty, mingzhu roll, beancurd skin with salted egg, ham and shiitake mushrooms is also a tasty combination.
The items that was surprisingly good were the chilli crab and salted egg crab! Not having heard anyone try these items over here, I still ordered to give my friends an all Singapore zi char experience. The chilli crab sauce had just the right level of sweetness and spiciness, except the strange thing is that they don't serve fried mantous. They only serve steamed mantous, but it was really quite good w the sauce! Their mantous are soft and fluffy even when it was left out for some time!
Glad that we went with the steamed salted egg crab rather than the fried salted egg crab. The salted egg sauce was creamy and tasty enough and with it being steamed allows you to coat the chunky crab meat with the creamy sauce! Because if it was fried it would have been too dry. .
The coffee ribs was quite tender! And it went well with the slightly sweet and bitter coating.πŸ‘πŸ»
Glad that the dishes were done well in general, even beyond what they are famous for. 🀀
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I actually prefer the marmite chicken over the team fave of coffee ribs mostly because the flavours are more subtle and it is not as jelak. Also, I love all things marmite. These are deeeelicious, sticky and I could happily just have this with a bowl of rice.



You will love this if you love coffee β˜•