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Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup)

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simple hearty bowl of noodles. soup was light but tasty, and they were really generous with the amount of chicken! would be nice if the chicken was seasoned a little but for the price, no complaints 😊

🌟 rating: 8/10
💰 price: $10.90 nett

Chicken Pho ($7.90+):
Broth is light and after adding a little lime juice and chilli sauce into the broth, it taste heavenly!

Chicken Pho
Tasty noodle soup
Reasonable price
Remember to bring cash because no Nets or Cc accepted.

This hearty bowl of beef stew is loaded with chunks of fatty beef brisket and silky noodles encompassed in a thick savoury soup. I like how the broth is not too starchy, and it combines really well with the other ingredients. The flavour of the broth is accentuated with the spices and leaves which they used in the broth-cooking process.

The side of meatballs and Vietnamese rolls were really appetising and opened up our palette. The meatballs were well-marinated and peppery, and had the right chewy texture. We throughly enjoyed munching on them ☺️ The fried rolls were very crispy and flavourful as well.

However, the fresh roll and chicken pho were rather bland and we felt that NamNam's might be better 🤔

Overall, the experience is pretty authentic and I love their warm hospitality. Would definitely be back again for my beef stew pho and porkballs 😍

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 8 ants
💰Value: 8 ants
📍Convenience: 7.5 ants

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😎) This chicken pho ($8.90+) had big thick slices of chicken! And the soup taste is in the middle between nam nam peppery and long phung more herbal kind. So this was just nice for me! As for the dry buncha ($9.50+), it came with meatballs (which we don't usually see elsewhere). But the sliced meat was very tough! #mrspho #burpple #burpplesg


First time having chicken pho and I loved it! Chicken soup is one of my great loves, but I’ve never tried the pho version as it looks so very clear & flavorless. Plus I’m not a fan of breast meat. But the soup, tho light, was satisfying enough. And there’s a variety of sauces on the table to dip the chicken breast pieces into.
Food’s good at this joint, but tables are cramped & close together. Not a good place if you plan to linger over the meal. Plus the service staff seemed impatient and brusque. Still on the fence if I’ll be back, all in all did not have a comfortable dining experience here...


Get the beef combination pho(9.9) just for the soup. Super flavourful and light it's unbelievable. Mix in lime juice and hot sauce when youre halfway thru for a completely different flavour. If i have to be honest the beef wasnt that tender but for the soup it's all worth it.

Chicken pho was also super tasty with notes of ginger and lemongrass. Chicken was tender.

The grilled pork vermicelli was our favourite of the 3 though. Well balanced sweet chili sauce, bouncy pork meatballs and sweet grilled pork. According to one of my friends, it was simply "fantabulous". If youre not in the mood for soup definitely get this.

Value for money as well with most(all?) mains below 10 before gst


Top: Assam Seafood noodles at $8.90
Bottom: Chicken pho at $7.90

Love the soup base of the chicken pho and the texture of the flat noodles, the shredded chicken meat is normal.. prefer it to be more tender. Although not exactly the same as the good ones in Vietnam, this is almost as good. #BurppleCheapNGood