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Chirashi Set

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I had the Chirashi Bento for just S$35 which is truly value for money for this generous portion. It comes with assorted raw fish topped on seasoned rice in lunch box, side dish, grilled mackerel, deep fried prawns, grilled chicken with sweet sauce, steamed egg and miso soup. This Chirashi Don is of such premium quality that I felt it was well worth the price!

A large and fulfilling meal. Apart from what you see above, you also get chawanmushi and a couple of other starters before the main meal. It was a nice way to start the meal. The sashimi was fresh and succulent, and they give quite a variety of fish. There's this pink sugar-like topping that added this sweet taste to the dish. While it paired well with the sashimi and rice, I didn't care too much for it and it was a little too sweet for me. The other sides were good, though they were mostly fried and nothing too spectacular. Costing $36++, it is not cheap but I would say it's worth it for the sheer quantity and variety.

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Located a short stroll away from Telok Ayer MRT. Went there during dinner time and got this bento set for $36++. So much variety! Love the chawanmushi, light yet savoury and fragrant, whetted my appetite. The sashimi was good, tasted fresh and juicy. The other sides were kind of meh, nothing to rave about. Most importantly, the wasabi paste is not stale and rather natural tasting.