The World is Flat Fat Samurai

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Price: $49

Many food stalls at Timbre+ but this deep dish pizza caught my attention and calories. There are a whole lot of ingredients in the Fat Samurai (SGD9) like duck confit and bacon but honestly you can't really taste the individual ingredients. As a whole, the combination is still pretty good and I think it is a decent food option at Timbre+.

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Not as good as it looks. But interesting Japanese pizza.

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This awesome mess is made out of umami charcoal crust, overloaded with bacon, prawns, duck confit, burnt confit onions, roasted cabbage, beef, balsamic-okonomiyaki sauce, konbu mayo and crispy bonito flakes all held together by umami mozzarella and smoked brie. Whatttttttt.... this is really one awesome gooey goodness. Just $9 for a slice! From The World is flat

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Brimming with so much ingredients, it really is quite an interesting and messy eat, with a Charcoal Crust barely holding a mixture of Duck Confit, Bacon, Prawn, Burnt Onions, smashed US Beef, Roasted Cabbage, and topped with Konbu Mayo, Balsamic Okonomiyaki Sauce, Crispy Bonito Flakes, Mozarella and Brie! Its insane just how much things there are inside this 'pizza' worth $9! I felt as though i finished an entire pizza when in actual fact i couldnt even finish a slice of it! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Timbre+ is really some hipster hawker centre that houses some very interesting food #furyfoodie #sgcafe #sgfoodies #foodporn #instafoodie #hawkerfood #cheapandgood #timbre+ #burpple