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From the Burpple community

Forgot the exact name of this pasta but it was something like clams and Thai chili. It is right at the top of the pasta menu and it is worth a try. The pasta was flavorful and there were actually a lot of clams given. Spiciness level is imo only 1/5 though.

It’s certainly pretty and great for the gram but it tasted like something you can make from a grocery bought cake mix. This is the Rose flowerpot cake - it was also supposed to be milk tea flavored. The color was of milk tea but there was just the taste of plain cake mix :(

The spongey layers of cream and crêpe aren't the highlight, but rather, the heaps of Milo powder, chocolate crumble, and decadent chocolate sauce they're drenched in.


Certainly not the best mille crêpe cake in taste – too saccharine – nor texture – too spongey, but that sweet pink colour was enough to reel me in, girly squeals and all. And if I remember correctly, I got this limited edition cake as half of a one-for-one promotion at 130 baht (S$5) in total.


It was served fresh from the oven and "damn I did not expect it to be hot" (my signature line whenever I taste hot and piping food). Guess this will do, instead of a hot air balloon adventure.

Always love this mall, there's so much to see and eat!