wouldn’t be back i think… food is meh

i love the tiramisu here! think it beats rive gauche which was my top for awhile : ) has a lot of mascarporne and lady’s fingers were well soaked with a strong taste of coffee. btw this is alcohol free!

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got the soup of the day - mushroom. it had a really weird taste and is not your usual thick mushroom soup. was disappointed already.
soup: 1/5

lasagne was okaaaaayyyyyy…. not very salty which is good and had a very earthy taste. will give it 3/5

truffle schiacciata was underwhelming. the pizza/panini dough was very well done but the filling inside (truffle paste+mascarpone cheese) was sooo scarce. 3/5

service wise, the chef was kind but waiters were not very friendly.

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you may request for the mapley butter thing to come with your waffles! otherwise they won’t serve it because many customers don’t use it. it has quite a cool consistency and not your usual maple syrup. gelato flavours are very bland so i’d just get the waffles alone next time! overall not bad for a quick late night dessert fix : )

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tried the white truffle oolong and pistachio flavour. both were nice and worth trying, just because white truffle oolong was so interesting. it’s literally truffle oolong like u can feel the truffle shavings and taste the truffle. then it’s followed by the oolong aftertaste. cool combination! i’d give this a 4/5 for it’s unique flavour. pistachio was rlly nutty, which is nice, but then again if i closed my eyes, it tastes like any other nut flavoured ice cream. it could be peanut butter ice cream too so this would be a 3/5.

waffles - i’m not a fan of crispy waffles but i can’t complain bc that’s how they sell their waffles. it’s stated in the description that their waffles are “light, airy and crispy” so if that’s what you like then you can give this a go and rate it!

overall: 3.5/5. would want to try the hazelnut and dark choco next time round!

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pretty expensive but not bad! beef from the beef hor fun is very soft and tender. salted fish and chicken fried rice was yum

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before i forget! we ordered this chocolate cake and the manager was nice enough to top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. the cake was light, and somewhat mousse-y. ice cream was a true vanilla!

damn gurl this was a good sausage and caramelised onion bunwich. doesn’t look that great in this pic but it’s yum. think it was about $13

yep yep very nice vanilla bean ice cream with steamy fudgy gao brownie. 6.7/10 - brownie wasn’t my fav & was abit gelat but still gyuuÜud

okAaay???? look at that. this blueberry tart was $8, all their pastries looked amazing but i decided to go for this. slightly crumbly and a tad bit too sweet, i wouldn’t get this again but maybe because my cravings hyped it up. i wouldn’t blame them. it was good, but not great

i love this place’s kimchi fried rice but don’t get their kimchi mandu ($10) bro it tasted like frozen food and there was no kimchi taste at all. don’t get it pls or maybe they can improve this dish?

ordering from the breakfast club section of their menu, we got the truffle egg brioche ($16) and the egg taco ($14) and they were both amazing. the truffle egg brioche had a nice amount of truffle taste and the brioche was not super thick and not dry at all. it was a good brioche. egg taco was nice too - their maple glazed bacon kinda tasted like bak kwa. this wasn’t as filling as the brioche but both were really good. price justifies the size of their food and they didn’t go wrong anywhere! the service was also good even though there was only one person running the morning crowd, before one other person came during brunch hours. they maintained professionalism at all times despite the crowd! 10/10 wld go again to try more of their things🤩

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