Hawker/Kopitiam Great Hawker Fare A list of hawker fare I've tried. I'm not very particular with hawker food, but it has to at least be delicious, value for money, and doesn't make me regret after eating. 😆
Japanese Japanese Food I'm an undergraduate who's on a part time job of looking for good food. This list contains Japanese food which I have tried. Some are really Oishi, while others didn't really hit the mark. Let me know what you think!
Thai Thai Food! Thai food... Thai food everywhere~
Cafe Student Friendly Food Outlet Nice and bright environment? Checked. Ample space? Checked. Instaworthy? Awesome. Wifi? Bonus. Power sockets? Even better. Nothing like a good cafe that allows you to study with the aroma of coffee brewing. This list also includes places that are student-wallet friendly. Mmmm~