Very delicious brunch cafe with fusion dishes. Flavours are very balanced. Smoked salmon, mentaiko with pork floss is a great combination. The curry beef stew is also very fragrant, meat is tender, and goes well with the sourdough bread.

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Great quiet cafe with affordable delicious menu and coffee! The simple cheeseburger ($14.90) has 2 cute 75g thick patties with ample cheese in a brioche bun. Bread pudding slice ($3.50) is nice and cinnamon-y.

Pretty decent beef burger + beef brisket combo with cheese and onions and mushrooms! Also first time there's more cheese than the fries for cheese fries!

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Great brunch breakfast place. Come after 10am and more food options are available such as breakfast burger. The burrata tartine is super delicious! Add the thick maple bacon for some protein. Very nicely plated. Kid and dog friendly. There's a small slide in the outdoor area too

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Ordered the chicken kway teow sambal and chicken satay cauliflower rice. Used burpple beyond. Very worth it! Hearty keto meals that are very tasty, portion is big enough for lunch but doesn't cost a lot of calories!

Very authentic and amazing Pho! Affordable at $11+ with lots of beef. Bun cha with spring rolls is very fresh and tasty too. Coffee is also strong.

Slightly pricey but very delicious nasi ambeng

Seriously one of the best yet underrated BCM in the middle of Tanjong Pagar hawker (Blue Star Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles). Order set #9 and you get a huge serving of fishballs, meatball, hee giao and mushrooms. Yumz.

One of the best croissants in SG - with unique flavours like red velvet, black forest and almond. The gouda and ham is savory and delicious too. Cinnamon bun is great too!

Decent rendition/clone of the NYC halal guys (but of course halal guys is still the best). Pulled beef is nice and tender. Falafel was abit of a surprise as it didn't taste the same as the usual ones. Rice is moist and tasty. Local Sambal is very spicy!

Ordered their Phase 2 takeaway menu: beef yakiniku don ($11.50) and oyako don ($9.50). It's like Japanese zi char by Keisuke - delicious stir-fried meat in amazing sauce served with premium Japanese rice (same rice as their restaurants) and miso egg soup. Very value for money! Worth a try!

Self picked up the steak and burger today. The burger is amazing - one of the best in SG - very juicy, meaty in a nice bun and sauce. The steak still taste nicely charred even after 30 minutes. Wished they serve the mash potatoes separately though. The spinach side was average, not as worth it.