I love all things sesame, so I really enjoyed this drink. Thick and luscious sesame cream atop a cup of espresso, it’s not the light and airy kind reminiscent of cheese/milk foam. Savoured every bit right to the end and the coffee to cream ratio is just enough to last me all the way through! While it’s great, I find that it’s too pricey!

The yuanyang is done slightly different from the ones you find at coffee shops. A glass of cold milk and a shot of espresso atop a frozen tea ice ball! While this allows the drink to remain undiluted, you can only taste the earl grey (I think) tea notes slightly towards the end of your drink. Predominately, it felt like I was drinking an iced latte, but with subtle floral and nutty undertones. I like that Foreword Coffee is committed to inclusive practices and sustainability too!

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The owner at the shop recommended this new flavour that was not on the menu yet, so I decided to try it. Ordered it less sweet and added white pearls (+$0.80). A very refreshing and bubbly treat on a hot sunny day, much prefer this over normal fruit-based bubble tea. Will be back to try their chestnut pearls and their other dairy options look good too!