I might be late to the shiok maki party, but at least I finally got to find out how shiok exactly this maki is. It was definitely shiok, maybe even a bit too shiok as it got increasingly jelat with the generous layer of mayonnaise slathered on each piece. Good for sharing with friends like we did today, and I'm glad we did cause I probably wouldn't be able to get past the 3rd piece alone.#Burpple

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Go to Old airport road and eat lor (mee). Lor mee may not be my bowl of noodles (get it? Haha), but when I do have a feel for it, I get it from Xin Mei Xiang. Their noodles are always cooked al-dente, sauce and chilli pack a punch, and topped with a generous amount of fresh fish and pork belly! So satisfying that I just wanted to sleep after lunch hahaha


My late grandma used to make these dishes too, and it's hard to find peranakan food that can remind me of hers. But Nancy's really managed to bring me back to the times when she'd make a huge pot of chap chye, and serve it with balachaan chilli for us to slab it on.

Definitely a must-go when you're in Melaka.

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Gotta say, after eating some of the best Korean fried chicken in Korea itself, Chir Chir wasn't too bad. The Nest Snow was definitely something different from the regular 양념 (spicy) chicken I'm used to having; fried chicken bathed in a cheesy cream sauce and topped with whipped cream. Unique and tasty!

Yes please.

Not something my fam usually does, but we couldn't resist trying out the waffles we've heard so much about. And true enough, the waffles, icecream and sauces here were good enough to make me wanna come back for more.

We had the matcha, pandan and cookies and cream icecream, salted caramel and gula melaka sauces on 2 waffles. Hatter Street has definitely raised the bar for waffles in my books.

It was so good that already after finishing our starters, dad already went "we're definitely coming back again, maybe for my birthday haha!" This was the Die Die Must Have Chocolate, and I now understand why they named it as such. The chocolate was dark and rich, while the rasberry sorbet and sauces were light and tart; both came together beautifully and balanced out so well! Really die die must try for all die heart chocolate lovers (like me)

Stumbled upon this cute little cafe while we were looking around for some dessert while waiting for my mom's flight to land. Went in with no expectations, and gotta say, the waffles and Icecream were pretty good! We had the Bailey's and Lavender Honey on the Belgium waffle with fruit and granola.
We know where to get our dessert fix when we come to Changi Village now!

Phone dropped, screen cracked, screen died, tried to recover my phone data, failed to do so.

Just when I thought all was lost (literally; all my precious photos/videos were in my phone), I managed to miraculously connect my phone to the computer!
Gotta thank my dad for continuously trying to cheer me up when I was feeling really down about it, like bringing me for breakfast at Lorong Ah Soo. No matter the food or drinks we have, it's being in his company that really puts a smile on my face😊 P.S. the teh O & C at this hawker centre are by far the best! #Hawkerpedia


Very much in need of some good meals so thank goodness for the weekends🎉
Speaking of good meals, last Saturday's dim sum breakfast at JB was so tummy-satisfying. More good meals coming tonight and this weekend woohoo can't wait! Have a great day everyone!

We had the Hazelnut & Ginger Cream, the Pistachio & Pear, and Grasshopper (not new but still no.1 in my heart). We definitely weren't disappointed; they were all well-balanced and fork-and-plate-licking-good (my dad scraped the plate clean). Will be back to try the other 2 new flavours!