It's a big surprise. Didn't expect how this turned out to be so goood and refreshing. It's very appetising, mainly contributed by the achar sauce and the juicy pineapple. Yumzz!

A decent sized slice of Hummingbird cake at RM13.00. It's very moist but mind you, it's very sweet.

Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and croissant, oh, not to forget the sauceless pathetic looking pile of grass which costs RM27. not worth it at all. Everything is so bland and it's very apparent that the cook didn't put any effort in this dish. Drink is lychee iced lemon tea, very subtle lychee taste and that's it.

Thank goodness, it is not as slow as its name suggests. I would rather call it 'cold' benedict. Everything was cold on the plate, the pulled barbecue chicken, the poached eggs, the hollandaise sauce and the sundries tomatoes, let alone the sourdough toast. I did not enjoy the dish at all, lack of flavour and that extra kick. But gotta give credits to the perfectly done poached eggs 👌🏽

Open-faced sandwich with huge peppery steak. So-so and don't worth the price at all. Skip it. They are using sourdough but it's too wet to taste any sourness.

There's a queen in every lady's heart 👑, hence the Queen of Heart. The raspberry flavoured ice cream is kinda sourish while the creme brulee cheesecake has a hint of saltiness, but I find it weird to have both in one bite... Overall, everything is a bit dry cause the lack of sauce(?)...

Beef bonanza burger that took more than 30 minutes to be served. Burger is mediocre and nothing to shout about. The string fries are cold and the coleslaw is too watery and drenched in mayonnaise (a big no no).

The picture is self-explanatory as to what you will get in your big breakfast platter. For everything that comes in pair, it's enough for two. Not a usual hash brown nor fried potato bites fans, but their fried potatoes are pretty good. The sausages are pretty decent. Their specialty is bacons so it's a given that bacon no doubt deserves a thumb up.

Wild mushroom soup with sourdough toast. The soup is not at the creamy side but very very peppery though I like the soup's consistency.

This Grilled Pesto Chicken sandwich is so filling and so satisfying! Can't really taste the sourness from the sourdough bread cause the pesto overpowered the natural sourness. No doubt, it's a good sandwich.

The melted gooey cheese slapped on the crisp sourdough is the best comfort food that you could asked for. Every mouthful is so satisfying and wish my stomach capacity can stuff another grilled cheese toast. Note, can skip the tomato soup 😐

Ain't cheap local desserts - the name itself is self-explanatory : deep fried cempadak spring roll.