Nice Hokkien mee worth queueing for. They work faster than the char kuay Teow in the same area

Full bodied cold brew to wake the soul on a sweltering day

This is a comfort food place with consistent delivery
Never fail to soothe the weary and hungry soul every visit. Thai Cream and Laksa Cream are Asian versions of pasta, balancing the cream based sauce. They do the classics well too!

Good tender chicken with jelly goodness, chili is a must have

Overall not WOAH but definitely good chicken rice

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The ginger foam gives a refreshing touch to the meal. Beef was tender and aplenty. Dessert was good as well. Creative take on granola with an Asian fusion touch

The plate is so full till it looks like Super hearty 杂菜饭
Very fulfilling brunch with nice cold brew coffee. Try it with milk!

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Very flavourful meal in the simplest of settings
Worth coming back anytime

One of the better burgers with depth in flavour. Fries always go well with burger. Mains impressed me more than how the pretty cakes taste. Willing come back again to give their cakes another try

Curry beef brisket with a local twist. Thumbs up for the attentive service. Request for extra gravy comes in extra bowl leh! Beat that! Don't forget to pack the famous egg tarts home too. It's a must!

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Served in hearty portion, rich Mexican flavour
A welcomed twist to the usual cafe fare
Transquil environment ideal to sip the day away...


Presentation makes the dish look like a score already! Generous pitan sauce on top of smooth toufu. Not the most favorited dish from The Sushi Bar but NICE!

Had high expectations for this. Tad disappointed with how the ice cream is served half melted :( the toast had cold dry crust