not that good, taco skin was crispy but soggy at the same time and lacking flavour

probably the best dish to order here - really nicely cooked

but meat slices were really thin and small so it lacks the satisfaction of eating wagyu

rice is not jap rice, just normal thai rice??

This is the famous ‘no name’ fish soup used to be in the lavender coffeeshop. It has now moved to B/128 Bedok North corner coffeeshop. Equally tasty and yummy.

Lamb pasta w/ pumpkin rigatoni
tomato-based pasta with chunks of lamb sausages
actually thought it would be shredded lamb meat so the sausages were a little off putting
but overall amazing flavour with the addition of goat cheese, taste very strong in spices

cacio e pepe
while it may look a little unassuming, there is a lot of depth in flavour, especially from the butter and italian cheese!

slightly pricey especially without the burpple app but premium ingredients are used and the quality is assured
both are tasting portions which is not meant to be filling, wld recommend ordering the full portion as it seems slightly more than double that of the tasting version

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Worst dessert ever.. the tapioca was limp, flat and tasted like just poured out from a tin can.. don’t bother with this.