never coming back… food was not up to standard at all. pizza’s crust was so thin and the cheese pizza had a weird taste to it. their gnocchi was so mushy, didnt even taste like gnocchi to me. their seafood risotto was probably one of the better dishes we had. tried this beef tangel sth noodles which had a good flavour but the pasta texture was not there. overall rlly bad.

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got the ayam penyet and dori penyet 🀘🀘🀘
very generous serving of rice, and their rice was quite fragrant! chicken was good and fish was good too. overall quite worth it!

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ordered their mango rock salt macchiato and the top layer is 😍😍😍 !! came with honey pearls cos i got it on sunday.. but yes 6/10 cos the drink was js mehh. also ordered honey green tea w/ honey pearls

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redeemed burpple 1-1 2x and had 4x of the 4 course meal!!

bread and dip - hm didnt fancy this too much cos the bread was abit on the charred side and the dip wasnt the best but it was not bad! 3/10
roast leek soup - WAH I LOVE THIS!! its really very tasty and so good! and the addition of the ravioli was superb! 9/10

truffle smoked chicken - meat was soft and juicy!! but there was abit burnt taste to it and didnt rlly taste the truffle. but i really liked it still! 6/10
miso iberico pork - LOVE!!!! SO TENDER AND SOFT!!! yall really should try this man… 9/10
gnocchi cacio e pepe - i love this dish. such a simple dish yet prepared really well! 8/10
truffle mushroom pasta - sadly im not a big fan of this :”) 3.5/10

signature calamari - i love it! fried well!! dip that cane with it was very nice too 8.5/10
truffle pommes noisettes - its actually tater tots but truffle flavoured! 6/10

tiramisu - made to near perfection 9/10
matcha churros - THEIR CHURROS ARE FRIED SO WELL MY GOSH!! cane w whipped cream on its side and it went well together! 9.9/10 πŸ˜‹

overall the service was really good too :)) the staff were very nice :D


woah spinach cream sauce is πŸ‘πŸ». their truffle chicken is really not bad. i really like the sauce it came with!

its amazing how its been so long and the hype for shake shack is still there. my personal fav is the shrooms burger one HAHAAHA. their cheese fries are bad tho i wldnt buy again.

i love this concept of dessert πŸ˜†. the cheese cubes are the best topings no one can say otherwise. tried the milk, chocolate, matcha and sesame flavours before and i would say my fav is the milk and black sesame (im not a matcha fan tho HAHA). but i think they shld get a wider range of topping flavours

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its my 2nd time here and woah the chicken cutlet was really good. im not a fan of their fishes tho… but this chicken WHEWWWW.

THE XIAO LONG BAO IS SO JUICY OMG 🀀🀀🀀. and its so tasty!! GET IT NOWWWWWW!!!!!! the homemade pancake is rlly rlly nice too!!