redeemed burpple 1-1 2x and had 4x of the 4 course meal!!

bread and dip - hm didnt fancy this too much cos the bread was abit on the charred side and the dip wasnt the best but it was not bad! 3/10
roast leek soup - WAH I LOVE THIS!! its really very tasty and so good! and the addition of the ravioli was superb! 9/10

truffle smoked chicken - meat was soft and juicy!! but there was abit burnt taste to it and didnt rlly taste the truffle. but i really liked it still! 6/10
miso iberico pork - LOVE!!!! SO TENDER AND SOFT!!! yall really should try this man… 9/10
gnocchi cacio e pepe - i love this dish. such a simple dish yet prepared really well! 8/10
truffle mushroom pasta - sadly im not a big fan of this :”) 3.5/10

signature calamari - i love it! fried well!! dip that cane with it was very nice too 8.5/10
truffle pommes noisettes - its actually tater tots but truffle flavoured! 6/10

tiramisu - made to near perfection 9/10
matcha churros - THEIR CHURROS ARE FRIED SO WELL MY GOSH!! cane w whipped cream on its side and it went well together! 9.9/10 πŸ˜‹

overall the service was really good too :)) the staff were very nice :D