Waited 3 months for the pork satay from Tiong Bahru Satay Man and it was definitely worth the wait. The charcoal grilled satay was crisp on the outside. 1 layer of fat was put between 2 layers of meat and the fat was so good. What made the satay truly amazing was the satay sauce with pineapple puree. The pineapple provided the acidity to balance the meatiness and fat.

The pasta from the cafe was quite good too.

Current waitlist is 4 months for weekday and 10 months for weekend!

Overall, this is a great plate of wonton mee. The highlight was the char siew which was caramelised on the outside and tender. The dark soy sauce was satisfying though the noodle was not springy enough. Wonton was sweet and the soup is good too. $3.50 is cheap for such a big portion

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Despite not being oily, the outer layer of the prata is quite crispy. Does not require the accompanying chicken curry to taste good

Much prefer the plain prata over the egg prata. Although this is also not oily, it is not crispy

Scallop meat was sweet and slightly crisp on the outside. Like the crispy corn bites too

They help you to wrap it up and put the appropriate amount of the sweet sauce in it. The duck skin is crispy and it is a solid bite.

Served in a teapot, this double boiled soup was the best dish of the night. The delicious soup has the flavour profile of essence of chicken and black garlic.

Salmon, Tai, Kanpachi, Akami, Otoro, Uni, Ikura, Tamago. Fresh sushi but you have to decide how much soy sauce to dip your sushi in.

Amex love dining card holders enjoy 50% with 2 pax.

Tasted like any other fried rice but with a good amount of crab meat. The tobiko provides good crunch in the fried rice.

Tender with the right amount of fats and well charred on the outside. It is even better if you have it with the pickled apple as the acidity will cut through the fats.

My favourite dish at the restaurant due to the complexity in taste. You have truffle milk, mushroom and cheese in perfect harmony. Brie was slightly smoked so it melted in the mouth.