Empress pasta no longer avail for BB :( So we settled for fish & chips ($20) + carbonara ($20). Carbonara was pretty decent and very saucy (wasn’t too jelat for me too). Fish was fresh too! Paid a total of $23 for 2 dishes after BB so it was super worth.

⭐️ 3.5/5, will be back to try their fusion food

Flavourful soup base and great amount of ingredients for the price. Would recommend!

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Slightly pricey for the portion that came with ~ 7 chunks of pork. But we liked how the batter was light, thin which made the meat to flour ratio perfect for us! Was also abit too sweet for us :(

⭐️ 2.5/5

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Value for money, noodles were really Q and sauce came with generous portion of pork and mushrooms!

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Great portion for its price point - came with huge chunks of boneless chicken thigh meat, radish, enoki mushroom, glass noodles and a side of egg soup. Topped up $1 for black rice which tasted abit like pulu hitam. Loved the flavours but it had a slightly charred after taste. Other that that, really enjoyed this dish!

⭐️ 3.5/5

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Dishes came with generous amount of ingredients and were very fresh. Will highly recommend the linguine. Hokkien mee was quite decent but wouldn’t be worth without BB. Had half a pint of beer for $6 too!

⭐️ 4/5


Drink + Acai Bowl Set 1-for-1 with BB. Enjoyed the iced tea and acai was pretty good too! We liked the toppings but the bowls didn’t come with almond butter/cookie sauce which makes it rly healthy 😅

What’s jumbo without their chili crab 🥺 Had this at a promo - 20% off crab and 2 boston lobsters for $88 (you can choose method of cooking). Seafood was super fresh and chili crab sauce was great - not too sweet and comes with a spicy kick which we love. Pair this with fried mantou for the full on shiok experience.

For lobster, would recommend trying it to be cooked as hokkien mee. Wok hey was on point and noodles were very flavourful/packed with seafood taste. Great portion too!

⭐️ 4/5

$32.80 for the beef was so so worth! Personally preferred this over the chicken and rose sauce as the meat was super tender and flavourful and the noodles soaked up the jjajang sauce much better 😍 Sauce was great too - on a sweet side and isn’t too salty - and an option for those who can’t take spicy food!

⭐️ 3.5/5, the beef is the winner here

Great portion of ingredients including fried chicken, different kinds of rice cake, mandu, egg, ramyeon for $31.80 which serves 2-3 pax. Added $8.90 for waterfall cheese which was sooo good (although it isn’t very cheap) but definitely worth the try.

Only complaint was that the carbonara seasoning didn’t melt quite well in the sauce and chunks of it were tasted, so be sure to mix properly as we have been to excited to eat :”)

⭐️ 3/5, worth a visit if you are a tteokbokki fan!

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Despite the multiple good reviews about this place, we found it so-so only or even below average army stew for its price point :-( Ordered mussel ($13.90/portion) + beef bugolgi ($13.90/portion) + ramen ($3) + fried rice ($5). Mussel wasn’t big nor the freshest and the beef ‘bulgogi’ was such a disappointment. We did not taste any marinated bulgogi flavour and was just normal sliced beef.... (felt q cheated). Portion wasn’t that big as well. Taste-wise, the soup was on the sweeter side and wasn’t very soup-like but felt more like gravy unlike the usual army stews.

Sadly, we could definitely getting an army stew tastier and cheaper with a bigger portion. Only plus point is that fried rice was not bad (but slightly too watery for our liking) and it is halal.

⭐️ 2/5 (pls improve on ur ‘bulgogi’ beef....)

$13.90 and shareable for ~3-4 pax. Skin was real crispy and came with generous amount of meat too! Spice was so good and the numbing feeling was on point. Definitely a must get.

⭐️ 4/5