Quite a packed place considering it has received some hype on social media; while the concept is great and they serve a variety of dumplings, execution is.... mediocre? Service is OK. The dumplings were dry, not juicy and the flavours did not really stand out. Just another place hopping on the β€œfusion” train but lacks authenticity in my opinion. Maybe I went on a bad day. πŸ˜…

Crispy Pork Belly burger: Pay $5.50, receive priceless happiness. I haven't had such a magical burger in a long long time, and this really hit the spot. While the wait was rather treacherous (a good 20-25 minutes), all negative feelings are erased completely within a bite of the burger.

My vocabulary is limited, but I'll give it a shot: Pork belly was juicy, soft and sweet inside yet crispy on the outside, coated with Hoisin sauce and English mustard. Complementing the pork, crunchy cucumber slices and the burger buns -- the BURGER BUNS! Lightly toasted, soft and sweet having absorbed the pork belly goodness.

Imagine your first bite into this gem of a burger. Crunch! Melting sweet and juicy belly fat and meat landing on your tongue, and a wave of pure joy in your heart and your tummy. The world is beautiful again.

Another $1.50 for their hand cut fries which is also #werth. Go forth my friends, get dat burger, and be enchanted!!!! πŸ’•

Reviewing for #burppleburgermonth because I'd love to have more happy hamburger time with friends, please please please!

Slightly pricey, but a really tasty and quality variety of hawker foods available -- including our local favourites like orh luat and popiah to KL style hokkien mee.


In the day XYT has an interesting array of brunch options available for you to choose from -- one to note being Unagi Eggs Benedict because what?? Unagi Egg Benedict?! How?! Anyway, that's what my mum and I got with the egg omelette. Anyway, as aesthetic as it gets there were clashing flavours between the unagi and egg ben hollandaise + the bread was 'jelat' so it was a little hard to finish. I do like how they are so ready to experiment with different styles and cuisines but I definitely expected a little more! Heehee.

I've come here for dinner before and also really enjoyed the lu rou fan. (Dinner options are more of local favourites with a little XYT twist to it I'd say?) Generally the food is good, the ambience is so funky I love it, but as with any other eatery around the area it's a tad bit on the pricey end. I'm saying this because I'm just a poor student from a middle-income family always craving for food not within my budget ya.

(P.S. their toilet is sickkkk like in every good way possible. make sure you go to the loo and check it out 😎)
(P.P.S. bring your own egg for a dollar off something I totally forgot what. Char kway teow?)


Forever and always! I have no idea why they left, any ideas?


The only thing is you'll have to wait, be it for a seat or your ice-cream waffle. And that's nothing upon its arrival because Creamier does ice cream and waffles so damn good! Fluffy warm and soft inside, a lil crispy outside. Yknow??? Yes yes yes

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Not too sweet! On the dry side; would pair well with a nice cold drink. Like their green tea lattes! πŸ€—

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sage cream cheese and berry compote + peanut butter sriracha and lime //

Quaint, small bakery with lovely staff and tasty breads. Really enjoyed my brunch and I love the vibes around here!


Two words. Not worth. πŸ™ƒ


I come back again and again because Tae Woo does jjajangmyeon best! Authentic and well balanced flavours. Fried mandu, bowls of jjajangmyeon and a trusty friend or two to dine with. Bliss.

(If only they would spare my pocket....)
Oh and I hope you don't come when they run out of minced meat. One time that happened and I was left with a lot of onions coated in black bean sauce. Which was fine, just made me tear up a little (ha ha ha!!!).


Fun fact: I used to work here. They were hiring and I was a desperate High School grad waiting for university. On gumtree stated "hiring all-rounders, looking for a fast-paced job with a water view". (The cafΓ© is by the river) Since it's a five minute walk away from my house and I loved breakfasts here, I thought to myself, why not? Anyway, I was there for two weeks -- too slow for them, the only round I saw were of dirty plates and the only water I saw was dishwashing warer because I got paired with the dishwashing machine!

But yea, whatever. I still love their all day breakfast, for their variety and quality. I'm sure you would too. (ESP sweeter brekkies and cakes, they good!) Above: Smoked Salmon Fritata w Egg

Lava cookies? With ice-cream? A god-send, period.

The cookies above: Red velvet, chocolate and matcha. I forgot what ice-creams but fret not they were all bae-licious hehe! My favourite cookie would be the matcha one.