The nacho was served with a generousss amount of sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and tomato sauce. If y'all must know something about me, I ♥♥♥ sour cream so I was already sold.

The nachos also had a nice crunch to them and tasted great with the addition of the refreshing sour cream.

Next, I don't have a picture of the risotto cause I scarfed it up immediately but the rice was soft and perfectly-cooked, coated with a warm, comforting tomato sauce. Taste-wise, it was cheesy and tangy and I loved it (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Tender fresh is one of the more price-conscious restaurants in Waterway Point and their dishes are quite affordable. This was the tomato and vegetables with penne dish. The roasted duck was juicy and complimented the dish well and I liked the tomato sauce.


I've seen people raving bout this on instagram but tbh, it's just meh. It's great if you feel like having something chewy but other than that, it just tastes like normal ice-cream with a soft chewy outer layer. I tried the chocolate mint, milk, and vanilla ones. I would say the milk is the best out of all of them as it's creamy and sweet :-)

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I ordered a western dish which in Singapore would cost normally $6-$7. Here, I got it at only $3 and it was the tomato spaghetti! It was nice and they did not skimp on the sauce and meat. Service was also good (The stall owner would run back to his stall like it's the Olympics after serving each dish. Quite amusing to watch actually lol.)

The clams purchased were priced very Low and are bigger than the ones found in Singapore. There were quite a lot of them too! Succulent and salty, tasting mildly of the sea, they were delicious and once you eat one you can't stop stuffing them into your mouth!

There was also a sushi stall there. The choices were varied and unique, including cheese sushi like a regular sushi restaurant.

Came here mainly because of the sea food and sure enough, I ate like a king that night.

Ice cream was nice and milky and toppings were sufficient :-)

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I always come here to eat when I'm staying in the KSL Hotel in Malaysia because the food is so tasty and saliva-inducing(◍´͈ꈊ`͈◍) what's more, they have a wide-variety and they are quite cheap. The 小笼包s are nothing to overlook too! I had lotus rice this time around and I wish I ordered two because the serving was too darn small😂

The milk complemented the bingsoo perfectly and made it sweeter(which I really like!) The chewy bits in it was also a plus and I enjoyed my time spent chewing it ^-^ If I'm not wrong, it's $14.90 for a bowl and it's quite big. You can share it with a friend if you want to♡ ✧*。


Really tasty and cheap coconut ice cream costing $3 for one scoop and $4 for double scoop at lvl 1. Each comes with a free cup of coconut water. Can choose up to 4 toppings. My recommendation is the gula melaka syrup and peanuts combo. It's the best!!!😍