Tried 5 different flavours, and all were so stuffed with generous amounts of liao (ingredients)!! My favourite one was the emperor one, where it had pork, egg and mushrooms! The glutinous rice was well seasoned and each dumpling was shiok in a different way. My family also enjoyed the dumplings, must say it makes for a delicious meal/afternoon snack!

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To start off, the food was amazing - the 2 steaks we had were cooked perfectly, and the sauces (salt, some garlic aioli and bbq?) served with it went very well with the meats! The appetizers were interesting yet delicious (we had the pig's head and sautéed squid), the meal was wrapped up with a a good tiramisu! The dessert wasn't heavy, but fluffy and light, tying the whole meal together very well! The staff were also very attentive and explained the dishes to us before we ate. I would highly recommend this place for a date out, or a gathering amongst friends! It is really fine dining done well, at a reasonable price!

Was looking for a steakhouse near me and I chanced upon FBG. Had the denver and deckle steak there, where they were served with salt and charred garlic. The steaks were served medium rare and it was indeed medium rare (unlike other steakhouses I've been to)! We also ordered some sides to go with the steaks, being the creamed kale and the grilled broccolini. I would recommend the broccolini as it was served with a tangier sauce which helped balance out the "heavier" steaks. It's location is also very accessible, being a 5min walk from Botanic Gardens. Would highly recommend it for any date nights, or a hearty dinner out with friends and family!


This bowl of prawn noodles slaps......!!! I cant even get over how rich the broth was, had an umami taste and wasn't too thin. I opted for the prawns and tobico balls, while my partner got the prawns and shabu shabu! The serving seemed small but we were so full after!! We got kway teow as our noodles and would highly recommend it. We also got their tasting platter of ngoh hiang, and wow every bite was so delicious, bouncy and fresh. Will highly recommend for any occasion!

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Did not expect to find such a good brunch place in joo chiat! Their staff were very friendly and the food was good! Would highly recommend their beef pasta and miso pancakes!! fun twist on the normal options, very pleasantly surprised, would come back again!

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The dumplings were so good, each dumpling had a different filling and we had so much fun tasting all of it! The soup was great, light, and not too heavy despite the amount of sour cream poured over it! The pork chebureki "curry puff like" side was super good as well, crispy and not too oily!! The cake was slightly on the sweeter side but was unique and delicious!

On top of that, the staff was so friendly! He explained to us each dish and answered our questions patiently! Really made the entire experience so much more enjoyable! Will definitely recommend it if you're looking to try a new cuisine (especially since we can't travel now) :-)