Worth it with Burpple (even though it’s not exactly 1 for 1)! It was light and fluffy, not too overwhelming

Wasn’t too crowded on a Sunday afternoon. Had the matcha latte + espresso and it was AMAZING. Absolutely loved how smooth it was!

Short rib taco was amazing! Honey tequila wings were good! Baja fish taco was nice but quite meh. Service was poor though... I’m not sure if I’ll return.

The variety was insane!!!! Quality of the food was good as well. Most servings are pretty small, but that’s a good thing in a buffet so I was able to try out different dishes. Probably one of the best buffets around, esp with Burpple beyond

Hawaiian poke bowl was my favourite! Super fresh salmon chunks, with equally fresh and crunchy vegetables to make an absolutely lovely bowl of poke

Slightly on the pricey end, but worth a try I suppose! Rich flavours. Favourite was the Ispahan (rose, raspberry, lychee flavour)

Absolutely love this dessert store. I’ve tried a variety of desserts here, and none of it has disappointed me! My favourite is the chrysanthemum milk pudding (I believe this is the name) as pictured above. Have continued coming back to this store even without Burpple beyond - that’s how great it is!


It’s my third time back here now. Chanced upon this store via Burpple and I’m a convert! Tried the grilled chicken and beef steak dry rice vermicelli this time round, but my favourite has still got to be the one with fried chicken mid joint wings :) Have also tried the pho before - it was light and flavourful.

Do support this place!

Loved this fish and chip joint tucked in a corner of a coffee shop. Affordable, with the basic starting at $7.80 and the option to upgrade the fish/sides.

My partner and I both ordered the dory, with coleslaw/truffle fries and coleslaw/pasta as our sides and we enjoyed our meal thoroughly!

Visited the Bugis outlet before and had a wonderful experience there! However, for this Serangoon outlet, note that in order to use a Burpple deal here, you need to spend an additional $10. And that would be $20 if you want to use two deals.
In addition, for the Tapas deal, it needs to be the same dish.

Food was great albeit the slow serving time (even though it wasn’t too crowded when we went). They also have mala/hotpot here!! Service... was disappointing though :’(

Got the Honey Yuzu Green Tea - refreshing, with yuzu bits and not too sweet! Absolutely loved the drink, and owner is friendly as well :) will be back again

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Chanced upon this place - loved the sides and the sauces, particularly the truffle rosti! Quite affordable with beyond as well. Would definitely return to try other mains.