Best place for authentic and affordable Thai food! Most of the items are great but heavy on seasoning. Tom Yum Soup is a winner here, their Pad Thai is also fried really well!

So gutted to hear that TSP will be closing soon😢 this place served up some real good comforting taiwanese dishes that is perfect for rainy days. Favourites here were: Burnt Chili Chicken, Braised Cabbage, Lor Bak, Tofu with Century Egg! Will miss this place alot!!

One if the better items found here! Not overly spicy and paired well with the cheese! Good place for Gamjatang also!

(Old Menu Item) Great place for a quick after work meal and for drinks! Menu has a good variety of Western and Asian items along with bar bites. Has this when they first started out but believe they are doing quite well now. Food is ok generally.

Deep fried portobello mushroom burger served with 2 sides of your choice. The mushroom was nicely crisp and didnt feel oily. Other dishes here are pretty good as well! Great place for vegan alternatives!

So addictive! One of the better truffle fries you can get in SG!

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12inch pizzas good for sharing 3-4pax. Strong mushroom flavour with onsen egg served.


Wonderful experience here at LINO! Both pasta and pizza here are done really well! Even the appetisers are really good!

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Part of lunch set menu.
Appetiser - Mushroom Soup
Main - Grilled Salmon
Dessert- Option of Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream, go for the chocolate if you are looking for really decent chocolate soft serve!

Donburi Set Lunch Menu - Miso Salmon. Always a top option for me here, another good alternative is the Black Angus Tenderloin.

Served with Salad, Pickles and Mixed Fruit as part of set menu.

Great Hamburg steak served with tempura shrimp and tofu. Best deal here is the salad buffet which offers not just salad but also other dishes like cold pasta and most importantly the Egg selection!!