Ordered the beef kebab, grilled octopus and lamp chop for our lunch. All 3 dishes were really well flavourful and the portion size was just right. The highlight of our meal will probably be the lamb chop - as it was really tender, well seasoned and balanced! Love the ambience as well, would rate this place 8/10!!


We went there for a Valentines meal, after seeing much good reviews of the restaurant. We both ordered the set meal available that night, which includes an appetiser, a main and a dessert.

The appetisers we decided to go for were beef tartare and crabcake. The crabcake was flavourful and portion was just nice, however the beef tartare was just not my cup of tea. I still prefer my meat cooked meat. (him)

We ordered the USDA prime steaks for our choice of mains, and they were perfectly cooked with the right amount of seasoning. Broccolini was a better side choice as compared to the creamed spinach, which was too thick and heavy for her to finish.

We also decided to try both the desserts - which were both pretty nice and light, it was a good ending to the course meal :)

Ordered this Grape Yakult Earl Grey Tea to try, and it was so good and refreshing!! The earl grey taste was really fragrant and pronounced and the drink was not too sweet overall. Love how the shop encourages sustainability, as you can get a discount if you bring your own cup and they provide paper straws instead of plastic ones. Would definitely come back again!

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We went to this restaurant to celebrate his birthday in Feb, after seeing many good reviews by previous customers. The food lived up to its reputation, we ordered the different tiers of Wagyu Beef Karubi (Short Plate) and some other Wagyu Beef portions to try, those were delicious and they really melted in the mouths. However, our favorite was still the Karubi, it was just so much more fragrant, regardless of the tiers. The environment was fully air conditioned, and there was no smokey smell even after the meal. The restaurant was nice enough too, to give us free matcha ice cream as a token of appreciation, since it was a birthday celebration. Overall, it was a very enjoyable dining experience, highly recommended for a special day!

We ordered the Crazy Shake - Cookies n Cream Supreme to share, but it was not what we expected it to be. It was more of a drink rather than a dessert, and the whip cream was just overwhelming. The drink itself was not cold enough to be enjoyable, and it was a little too sweet for us. Luckily we ordered it with some free MBS credits, would not pay $22 for this to be honest. We won’t come back for this but may want to try the burgers and wings here next time.

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Ordered 水煮鱼, 回锅肉,and other BBQ sticks!! The fish was really flavourful, but some may find it quite oily. The BBQ sticks were nice, but the waiting time was quite insane - probably because every table ordered BBQ sticks. Will come back maybe after COVID, because the place is jam packed with people :’)

Secluded place with nice ambience, food is decent, but the portion is too small for a main dish, got the 1-for-1 offer so it’s still pretty worth it! Beef cubes are tender and flavorful, will still recommend if you want an afternoon snack!

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Surprising find at the Bishan Stadium, a cafe with good vibes and great food, pasta is reasonably priced at $9.90 with the lunch set, quiet and secluded with some nice interiors, overall it’s a pleasant dining experience!

Very rich broth and an authentic taste of Japanese Ramen, at the price of $11.90, is highly recommended to all Ramen lovers! Unlimited free flow of side dishes like eggs and bean sprouts are also available! Overall, a very pleasant dining experience, again!

Came here for wifey’s birthday and it was a satisfying meal. The seafood were fresh and the portion was quite okay for 1 person.. (because I don’t eat seafood so she ended up eating all herself, while I ate the corn and sausage 🤓)

We ordered the Cajun sauce, and the sauce was pretty overpowering… will probably not order this sauce in the future

Surprising find at Suntec City, decent Tonkotsu Ramen at a relatively low price, with a rich broth and unlimited eggs to go down with, will definitely recommend! Go at off peak hours to avoid the long queues!

The ramens were nice and flavourful. Would come back again for some good and affordable ramen 👍🏻