Meng Kee restaurant is just right opposite of Scott Garden by the roadside (Old Klang Road). Under a big tree with tables all over.

Dishes ordered : Steam Fish Head (RM28), Steam Lala (RM16), Homemade Fried Tofu (RM12 for 10 pieces) and Green Dragon Vegetable (RM13).

The steam fish head is so fresh and the sauce contains little wine. Lala with ginger and wine too. Eat the fish while is still hot. One thing about this restaurant is the food serving is pretty fast.

Note: Since the restaurant is just by the roadside, parking is a problem! Most cars double park along the road that cause slow traffic. You can find carpark before or after the restaurant by the roadside.

The Beggar's Chicken (RM49), the Beggar's Leg Pork (RM53), the Beggar's Homaeh Soup RM39) and the Beggar's Rice (RM39). All dishes are extremely delicious and so tasty! I was just speechless and didn't realize there is such a good food hiding inside the palm tree plantation. Please take note you must call for reservation and dishes are prepared upon reservation only. #burpple #burpplekl

If you ever want to invite you partners/clients to chill out and enjoy a lunch/dinner in a cozy environment, you may consider Tamarind Hill.

On the arrival, the two big red lanterns (lamps within the lantern) which catch my eye and create a warmer atmosphere.

Here they offer a 3-course Executive set lunch (RM47) and come with a mini appetizer platter, main course (6 choices), desserts and coffee/tea. You have the choice of rice or noodle for the main course.

The appetizer looks presentable and is served with a piece of Thai Fish Cake, Deep Fried Chicken Spring Roll, Crispy Deep Fried Prawn and a Vegetarian Spring Roll. My favourite is the light and fresh vegetarian “salad” spring roll with crunchy vegetable, mango and filled with curry sauce.

I ordered the delicious Basil Seafood and Thai Omelette for my main course. Stir fried mixed seafood such as mussels, prawns, squids, fish, onion and basil in spicy sauce. The taste was just delicious!

The main course came with a soup, filling with mushroom, cauliflower and tofu. In my opinion, the rice and the fried seafood should have served separately instead of all in one big plate for a better food presentation.

Finally, the last course came with the varieties of desserts which make you sweet and happy for the rest of the day. My favourite mango sticky rice is as good as the original. 😘


Apparently this special dish is not listed on their menu. It is call Fish pot with spicy and sour soup (RM58). Basically the pot contains a fried red tirapia, tafu, mushroom, green dragon vegetable, tomato, sour vegetable, big bean sprouts, white reddish, onions and chilies. The soup is so tasty, sour and spicy make you awake and feel hungry. The portion is really depends on the number of person.

As for the side dish, you can order the Lisbon Port Ribs (RM18) and the ribs is yummy too! 😘

A cafe that serves Western cuisine with varieties of coffees ☕☕. They are known for their Pomelo Cheesecakes. The breakfast set  comes with their homemade mushroom soup, a baguette of your choice of chicken (RM13)/egg (RM11), and a cup of Americano coffee. The soup is kind diluted but the baguette is crunchy and nice to bite. For cheesecake lovers, you may want to try their specialty Pomelo Cheesecakes (RM10.80) and give us your review.

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This signature coconut ice cream (RM 10.50) lets you decide your own toppings, choice of sweet corn, nuts, coconut flakes. You can also opt for Signature + Coconut Water combo at only RM12.90 🍨🍹


This is their best recommended specialty in this little Japanese restaurant at Bangsar. The pork belly char siew is kind of soft and tender 😘 To end with your meal and you feel like want to have something sweet in your mouth, apparently they have nice cake here 🍰🍰.


The signature in house dumpling and rice vermicelli either in soup or dry is a good choice for lunch or dinner. One bowl of rice vermicelli (RM8.5) comes with 2 big giant dumplings, filled with shredded pork and a big prawn 🍤. The rice vermicelli is kind of transparency and chewy. For big eater like me, i will recommend the Meat Ball (RM6.9) come with a bowl of soup, combine with the homemade chilie sauce that make you sweat and enjoyable! 😘