Back at @kotobukisg at the heart of Shenton Way. Totally enjoyed the tranquility while dining there as usual. Always love their daily feature at good discount between Mon to Fri.
This Chirashi was their special item for Monday and it was yummy and generous in serving.

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Distinctive of the style in their menu, this was their twist of local Ba Chor Mee in a pasta dish.
Besides minced meat and crispy pork lard, their Ba Chor Foie was zhng-ed up with chunks of foie gras for an extra punch.
Originally done with Angel Hair, we were a little disappointed that they had switched it to linguine instead which was less unique.
The “Honey Pot” was another of their special cocktails prepared and presented in interesting ways to tease the eyes and palate.

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Not your usual traditional Peranakan cuisines here at @cherki_sg but expect some modern twists instead. Reading their menu and most of the items sounded like western cuisines but there were words of familiar Nyonya elements as well.
The Braised Ponteh Lamb Shank was my alternate choice to their Pangium Beef Wellington that everyone was also asking for but sold out. It was indeed tender and fall-off-the-bone. The Ponteh sauce went well with the lamb shank and wasn’t salty as I initially worried about.
Their Nyonya Herb Crusted Snapper was well executed and flavourful with the herbs. We were wondering why no sauce but understood that it really didn’t need any after we tasted it. Most of their mains would come with rice and Keropok so they were pretty filling.
We also had their Satay Chicken Tortilla and Truffle Itek Popiah for sharing. We loved the satay taste and how well it well on the Papadom shell for a different experience. The popiah was cleverly infused with truffle and also enhanced with waxed duck.
Newly opened and located at SCCC but their crowd was pretty consistent when we visited tonight.

Food prevails over virus. The crowd at local hawker centre is still going strong. At times like this, all the more we should support the local and our hawkers.
A truly local and old school duck porridge Kueh Chap sides make a comforting meal.

Good and even better that they’re available in the comfort and convenience of Capitol mall. And we’re definitely happy about it. Of cos, its quality and taste are good. With a retro interior, it is a great place to showcase our local dish and heritage in the modern mall setting. A local gem that we should be proud of and support.

These 6 little crispy deep-fried baby pomfrets were absolutely the stars of our meal at @shaobbq last night.
They were so crispy every part, including bones and fins, could be easily eaten; and fried so fragrant nothing was spared from each fish.
There were other tasty Teochew dishes from their menu but this gotta be the most outstanding and memorable one for us

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These gorgeous burgers were fast food actually at “slow food values” (how ironic compared to A&W at Jewel). We’re gonna say that they tasted much better than many fast food burgers in SG. Juicy patties, yummy cheese, fresh vegetables and great buns. Kinda healthy tasting as the patties were not oily and with all those vegetables. All those fries were yum. Very crispy, fresh and hot from the fryer.
So yeah, recommended choice for a good burger around Melbourne as they have a few outlets, especially in the CBD.

With creations and presentation like that of Masterchef Australia, their desserts and drinks were designed to engage the senses.
The desserts definitely spoke for themselves on the table before we were further intrigued by the taste and textures upon tasting.
Not going into details but we had their Sticks and Stones, Cherry Poppins as well as their signature Smoking Rosemary Caramelia Cigar (served smoking in a cigar box). Their cocktails were as theatrical. Sex on St Kilda Beach was a play on the beach, with “seashell and pearls on the sand” which were all edible. More smokey business with the Smoking Marshmallow Colada which was just apt with our chocolate cigars.

We picked @hashspecialtycoffee and landed ourselves some good coffee and also this awesome bacon French croissant for breakfast.
The croissant was done French toast way, stuffed with bacons and drizzled with maple syrup, absolutely delicious. The caramelised bananas on the side were also nicely done with a thin, smooth crispy crust. On the whole, this was one breakfast perfect for a nice strong coffee to go with.

Fresh and cooked perfectly. We love ours with tasty curry broth and also white wine broth. Just the right kinda stuff for the cold weather.