What we ordered: DCB, CCB (+extra chic patty), Horlicks milkshake, Milo Dino (ard $38 bill)

What we liked: the beef patty was good and so are the buttered buns. We also like the CCB secret sauce which was tad spicy and tangy. CCB patty is more like McDonald's McChicken type.

What we didn't like: the DCB meat may not have rested enough after cooking because when we held up the burger, a lot of oil dripped out and it semi hardened on the table when we ended our meal.

Holicks milkshake and Milo dinosaur not gao, didn't have enough Horlicks taste and Milo is very diluted. When we mixed the 2, it tasted better as a Milo milkshake. Not too sweet nor thick.

This may not be much to most people but it's the cheap tasting ketchup and chilli sauce (the kind you get at a kopitiam) that pulls me out of the restaurant experience. Feels like the whole meal and experience would have sufficed at a coffeeshop.

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I am a big fan of Tenya for its quality, flavour and price!! I always order the set meals because so so worth it.

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Can share between 2 people. Honestly, the flavour and size is better than some other places but there's a weird subtle end taste where it will remind you of the smell food will get when they've been in the freezer for too long. So-so for me!

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No frills restaurant! Small space (have to walk sideways to the table) with about 2-3 tables. The soup had salmon, clams and mushrooms added. The salad is normal, just filler. The mains are worth it too. I prefer the mentai choices instead of the signature one. But I wouldn't mind coming back again. About $38+/- total after gst

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Would definitely come again!! (-: the spread of food for the buffet was good. Fresh seafood, meat and the usual meatballs, tofu and etc. But be aware that most/all staff there (when we were there) only speaks chim Chinese. Luckily my friend was a fluent speaker!

Really worth it for sharing with friends!! The Thai bingsu had crunchy bits and I liked the flavours. The Mango sago was normal but the deal for us was great (-: recommend.

We don't think this is a place for people to have comfortable conversations. Haha. When it's full, the chatters seem loud and echoey. We had to raise our voices if we wanted to be heard.

Even tho the mains carry a hefty price, it didn't live up to the quality we expected. We felt that the tagliatelle was al dente and worth the add-on!

The beef short rib pasta flavour was mild, and the the Tuscan chicken pasta might be better with less garlic slices, tho nothing special in flavour. Eating at a kopitiam western stall might be more worth your money tbh


Turns out the more normal/original flavours were the best. Haha.

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Cool experience! I was pleasantly surprised with the spiced sliced carrots. The solyanka soup was also very comforting. The dumplings were an experience, particularly liked the bacon and potato flavour.

I don't think I will be coming back here, also I think on the day we visited, it was very warm, perhaps the air conditioning wasn't working very well. But it's definitely an interesting experience to have.


It's a nice little place that's part of a preschool. Good for a short break in between shopping. Outside on level 7, there is an urban farm where you can take a little walk.

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Had the Greg Norman and lucky charms milkshake. Honestly, with this price and quality, I think shake shack is way better. The bottom bun was more soggy than a usual burger? And the blue cheese didn't have the punchy flavour I expected. It's nice to try this famed restaurant but I don't think I will come back for their burgers. Enjoyed their milkshake tho.

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Fish tacos were good but I think if they were soft tacos, the crispy fish would shine more! Food was yummy. With beyond, it is more worth it to try. We also tried the truffle pizza - not saucey type so it might be quite dry! Still good tho. Service at this outlet is so so, they forgot to bring the sauces and water but it's fine!

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