What we ordered: DCB, CCB (+extra chic patty), Horlicks milkshake, Milo Dino (ard $38 bill)

What we liked: the beef patty was good and so are the buttered buns. We also like the CCB secret sauce which was tad spicy and tangy. CCB patty is more like McDonald's McChicken type.

What we didn't like: the DCB meat may not have rested enough after cooking because when we held up the burger, a lot of oil dripped out and it semi hardened on the table when we ended our meal.

Holicks milkshake and Milo dinosaur not gao, didn't have enough Horlicks taste and Milo is very diluted. When we mixed the 2, it tasted better as a Milo milkshake. Not too sweet nor thick.

This may not be much to most people but it's the cheap tasting ketchup and chilli sauce (the kind you get at a kopitiam) that pulls me out of the restaurant experience. Feels like the whole meal and experience would have sufficed at a coffeeshop.

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