Had a coffee soft serve and it was 100% worth the price tag. I think it was just under $10. Baristart coffee is already delicious, and this creamy and perfect soft serve delivers that and more.

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I came here twice - once for the regular menu and once for the Christmas menu. The truffle udon was light and delicious and I love that they sell small Don sizes at affordable prices so that it's easier to share and sample. But the Christmas menu was a less exhilarating experience - for almost $100/pax, I wasn't blown away. I had the pork belly both times - the first was the best pork belly I have had in my life (think melt in your mouth, perfectly savoury) and the second was under average (extremely lean and not tender). Seems to be a hit or miss but worth a shot especially for a slightly-fancy but still laid back dining affair on an evening out!

Came with friends and tried four different flavours - all delicious! But be prepared to pay more than what the board says because of additional prices tacked onto premium flavours. Iirc, the pistachio (+$2/3) with the cone (+$1) came up to $8/9. But it was super creamy and vibrant in flavour. IMO: Worth the price and would come back - but only for a treat.

We had the Nigerian Fiery Pork Stew (super spicy, but the mango salsa and coconut rice are a perfect pairing, ~$30), cauliflower (my favourite item - it was paired with a fantastic sauce, seasoning and nut garnish, ~$12), pulled pork brekkie and Utu brekkie (~$26-$28 each? might have been cheaper), soft serve (light, generous serving and delicious - but watch out, it melts fast! $12) and 4 coffees and it came to $150 total for the bill - pricey! The bold flavours are interesting, but they don't take reservations so prepare to wait. IMO: Worth a visit to try something different & decide if you like it enough to come back, but prepare your wallet and your feet.


Very value for money but note that some items are not available during lunch! Would pay a bit more and go for dinner the next time.

A lovely place with delicious gelato and crisp waffles! Interesting flavours and super worth it for the 1 for 1 - would pay for it even without! $5 for a generous single scoop, +6 for waffle.

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