Tried the soursop sencha and the peach tie guan yin! Opted for less sugar for the Soursop tea but still felt that it was sweet enough and mixes well with the tea. The peach tie guan yin has a stronger tea taste.

Had the baby back ribs and the spaghetti. Strong flavour profile for both dishes, ribs were moist and juicy, while the spaghetti is sumptuous and tasty.

Had the fish tacos and one of the spaghetti. The fish was a tad dry but still had decent flavour profile. The spaghetti was a letdown as it was a little too spicy.

Had the beef bowl but was not particularly blown away by the taste. But definitely worth to visit just for the aesthetics of the place!

Salmon dons served with plenty of salmon even for burpple 1 for 1! Well worth the money and taste delicious as well.

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Tried the signature charcoal tea with no sugar(maybe is why the taste wasn't as strong) and sad to say i will not be coming back for more.

Tried the tomato soup and chicken soup(recommended). Tomato soup was a little sweet for my liking but the chicken soup is good! Will come back to try the prawn soup!

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Got the grape oolong (recommended) and the pear tea. Drinks are really refreshing and well mixed. Similar style to San chen but with more diverse mix of flavours!

Ordered the Tom Yum Goong and the drunken pork noodles. The pork noodles is spicy af but must try!! Pro tip - never suck in the noodles lol.

If this was categorised and compared under fast food chains, this would be quite underrated but highly rated on the list. The chicken and waffles is the GO-TO dish as the chicken is juicy and tender!

The star of the dish is definitely in the roast meat and the crispy pork belly. You will get your money's worth with burpple 1 for 1!