Satisfying dish that pairs smoked salmon with our local zichar oats! Drop by if you're in the area!! I loved their Iced Mocha as well 😊

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Assembly Brunch ($23)
Umami Pizza ($23)
Spicy Crab Pomodoro ($24)
Umami Prawn Linguine ($23)

Can skip the pomodoro but overall good food & big portions πŸ˜‹


The tomato sauce masked the tastes, but the seafood which includes prawns, clams, squid, baby scallops (didnt taste this) were really fresh and well prepared!

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Now I know why it's a must order. Hazelnuts and duck really do go well with each other. Didnt taste the masala though.

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Seemingly ordinary but great tastes and generous portion! There was a good amount of chorizo sausages aside from that, as described in the menu ☺️

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Burrata cheese, balsamic tomatoes and honey. I thought it was a very clever way to present a burrata cheese this way, how it's all torn apart and topped with a mix of ingredients.

This dish did not disappoint and everybody who is considering to dine here should totally get this dish!

Honestly just went there for the fire show but was pleasantly surprised by the food. Was so excited to try, i didnt even take a decent pic!

While the noodles and broth were normal, the fire show added a certain smokiness to the dish that cannot be found elsewhere. Which is pretty amazing!! πŸ’―

This deal is very worthed it! But only with burrple 1-for-1! πŸ€ͺ


So reluctant to share this but this is so good, such that I've been put on the waiting list twice, each time for a month.

It's a home based business on IG! Somewhere around TiongBahru, it's very inconvenient for me to go there btw, but still, very worthed the trip.

Classic Garlic - $5
Umami Mushroom - $5
Mentaiko - $6

I tried all 3 flavors and this here is the Mentaiko.

The generous mentaiko sauce spread in-between the brioche bun, not only that, plus that blob of mentaiko at the top. Every bite is covered with sauce, it's so good that I don't mind waiting a month for it 🀀

Check out their business on IG πŸ€—

I waited a long time for the craze to die down before forgetting entirely about this place.

Can understand what the craze was all about when I tried it, the ingredients are so special, I think it was fish sausage (?) It was a little sweet! Order the large bowl because it has abit of all the ingredients. The regular bowl only has the basics stuff is quite ordinary. The fried pork ($7) is marinated with their usual Thai garlic marinade, it is really authentic and so very flavorful 🀀

Generous with the seafood especially with the crabmeat (which I really appreciate!). The dish is on the salty side, especially the Shellfishes. Probably added a tad too much salt.

Over-hyped. I saw many many good reviews about this. Don't want to be mean but don't think there was anything special. It was a regular Rosti with regular Bratwurst. Maybe their Breakfast Rosti would be better

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