Chicken meesua for $5.80. Lots of shredded chicken hidden below. Chilli is self service at the counter. Located at foodcourt in PLQ. No GST or sc. could be tastier but not bad! Tried their fried chicken ($6.80) and they fry and seasoned it in the spot

Although there are a large array of curries, it’s not as many as shown in the burpple beyond menu. Ordered butter chicken ($19.90+), chicken briyani ($17.90+), egg curry ($15.90+), kadai chingri ($19.90+), naan basket ($16.90+), and palak paneer ($15.90+). All very tasty. Btw u can’t use bb or entertainer during weekday lunch time. 10% sc, no GST.

Swiss mushroom burger ($11) (bottom) x western bbq burger ($11.50) (top). Pic of cross section in case u wanna inspect the doneness of the patty. They are very strict about the 2pax only 1 redemption rule for burpple beyond, so just smth to note. Burgers are tasty and are of a good portion size.

You might not think of trying pasta dishes at a store that sells Bak kwa on a regular but give it a shot and you’ll be surprised. Chilli crab fettuccine ($26) was spicy and tasted premium with lots of egg whites. Not too sweet either. Grillery laksa set ($22) was also spicy and tasted amaze too. No GST or SC (for now)

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Bang & mash x catch of the day (fish & chips) were served in decently large portions, coming from a big eater. Supper affordable with bb and good service

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16h slow cooked beef was craaazy good. Fusilli was al dente. Super friendly owner <3 Try it!!!


Store owners are a retiree couple who are super friendly. U get to try as many flavours as u want. Bourbon dark choc gelato ($5.50/scoop) & Sicilian pistachio ($4.70/scoop) are super creamy and are their most popular flavours. Waffles ($4.90) are on the denser / cakey side.

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