not bad but i’d prefer it to be less sweet and more robust

nice and big portion

braised duck noodles was mid :/ duck was q gamey. soup was oily but tasted q good and had some pork in it which was a surprise

curry was delicious and they gave lots of taupok which i love! chicken was also vv tender but they gave q little chicken. this was on food king and i think usually they have a much longer queue but thankfully i didn’t have to queue v long 🤭🤭

finally trying this after seeing everyone else rave abt it for so long! this was $6 and the portion was q filling. loved the scrambled egg which was vw creamy and smooth. the chicken cutlet got q jelak after a while though and i felt kinda gross after eating this lol

tried this for the first time and it was good!! their ordering system is v unique bc u have to tell their staff what u want and they will be the one picking out one portion of that item for u, which i rly liked since i was eating this by myself. i liked the pricing system too! each portion of vegetables is $1 and each portion of meat/seafood has a fixed price as well, so it's not based on weight. minimum spend is $6. i managed to get 4 veg, 1 meat, and noodles all for $7! i usually end up overordering when i eat mala alone be the portion sizes in other stalls are not always meant for one person, and i can't get this much variety either. definitely recommend this place esp if you're not planning to share. i got xiao la which wasn't spicy at all and asked for less salt, oil, and MSG.

could taste the acidity when i drank the coffee at the top but once it mixed w the milk the acidity was much less prominent. q creamy and robust!

more milky than the yirgacheffe dirty but still q a bold coffee taste. v smooth. the nutri-grade D is slightly concerning though 🤣

nice!! v smooth w a bold coffee aroma. not sweet

tried this bc i won a free cup in their lucky draw 🤭🤭 it’s vv smooth but i feel like the coffee is not as aromatic as i expected :( i didn’t drink this immediately though so maybe that contributed? idk manz

got this during their 1 for 1 promo. it was vvv thick and rich! however we got this as takeaway and weren’t able to get cup sleeves or carriers so the cups were v hot

super nice!! each piece was q big and the mochi was sooo soft and stretchy. the fine roasted soy bean (kinako) powder was fragrant complemented the mochi v well. loved this hehe