Undeniably one of the best chilli crab in Singapore. We were lucky enough to be able to snag a 1.7kg mud crab - which was so humongous! Biggest crab I’ve ever seen in my life.

I was also blessed enough to enjoy a huge claw that was as big (or even bigger) than my hand. Meat was firm and tender at the same time. For people who hate crab meat that disintegrates into a sloppy soft mush - this is for you. The meat quality was very impressive - a balance between a nice firm bite and a tender meat.

Chilli crab sauce was sooo good. Bean sauce and the ever-classic egg were also infused into the chilli sauce, making it eggy and savory at the same time. Not the usual chilli crab sauce which is usually very one-dimensional (i.e. tomato sauce) and lacks depth.

Special mentions to the fried mantous. They were deep fried to perfection - super crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. I was happy to enjoy it on its own, but with the sauce, it was so satisfying. We enjoyed it so much that we had second servings!

Highly recommend. 🤗

Kudos to the authentic Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting vibes! Little imaginary travel out of SG in this spacious restaurant.

Roasted duck was pretty decent, would say that it’s reminiscent of the ones I had in London (aka Goldmine). Juicy tender duck meat, heavily marinated with spices. The taste of the five spice powder was pretty pronounced. But I have to admit, it was too salty towards the end for me personally.

Noodles were accompanied with minimal dark sauce (not visible on the photo itself). Initially I thought it would be tasteless but I was wrong because the sauce was pretty salty! However, the noodles were pretty dry and I had to douse them with the soup. Again, the noodles became too salty for me towards the end.

Overall, a pretty average plate of Duck Noodles. Nothing spectacular, but it was pretty satisfying still. Not the price though, I remembered that it was pretty pricey, but got to say the serving was pretty huge so it kinda made up for the price?

Build your own breakfast is always a good idea. I was pleasantly impressed at each individual element of the breakfast, especially the thick cut bacon!

Hardly do you come across thick cut bacon on breakfast menu, but Five Oars does provide. The thick cut bacon was satisfying thick, had a satisfying crunchy bite to it. There’s just something about sinking your teeth into a thick slab of bacon as opposed to typical thin bacon slices. Might just be hyping this up because I’m a bacon fan...

Scrambled eggs were very creamy and well-cooked. I also enjoyed the sourdough bread. Overall a good plate of breakfast, would revisit when I’m craving for a good breakfast!

Everything tasted super homely. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes, which are mostly characterized by spices. I especially enjoyed the soup with meatballs - the soup was very tasty and hearty!

Definitely a place to visit with friends and family. One gripe would be the acoustic of the place, for some reason noise is echoed and reverberated through the restaurant, so might be hard to talk with your dining company!

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The fish soup was undoubtedly the star of the dish. Fragrant with sufficient hints of umami - the soup is tasty, but still light and comforting at the same time. Can really taste the hours and ingredients that go into the soup.

Mi xian (米线) was surprisingly super springy and QQ, unlike common options of noodles in SG. Being someone who loves springy noodles, I was head over heels for the 米线!

Personally, the cartilage was too fatty/gelatinous for me. But I can see how people who are into fatty meats would love the cartilage. It was fall off the bone, super tender and braised. But personally I enjoyed the fish soup and noodles more than the cartilage.

Recommend to try when you’re at Tsui Wah! I’m sure there’s something that you will like - either the soup, noodles or cartilage, or all!

Lip smacking BBQ sauce slathered over the ginormous chunk of ribs did not disappoint. Ribs were tender off the bone, succulent and moist. I must say, the portion was huge! I was so full after this. And super worth the money with Burpple Beyond.

My only gripe would be the lack of sauce IN the ribs itself. The rub weren’t marinated such that it penetrates into the meat. But the BBQ sauce, in my opinion, did make it pretty enjoyable still! Flavour wasn’t that lacking still.

Wedges were very crispy and hot, even till the end of my meal. Very generous serving of wedges too.

This set comes with a choice of eggs, bread, 2 greens and 1 protein. Easily one of my favourite breakfast place in SG.

Piece this together: well-toasted sourdough; runny and eggy scrambled eggs; juicy and thick slab of bacon (the thickest I’ve ever seen!); fresh avocados; decent mushrooms. Very comforting and heartwarming breakfast set. Goes so well with coffee i must say!

I was so amazed at how creamy and cow’s milk-like this cup of coffee was. Very well balanced cup of coffee - between the fragrant nutty coffee beans and the aroma of the oat milk.

At times, I felt like I was drinking a cup of coffee with cow’s milk. Really frothy and creamy. Smooth till the last drop. Might be the best coffee w oat milk I had in a while.

Generous amount of clams, tasty white wine infused with garlicky olive oil. Simply a timeless combination. Fight me if you disagree!

Was pretty pleased with the depth of the taste - not simply just salty, garlicky and hints of white wine, but the taste of herbs was also infused. Usually parsley are added as more of a finishing touch/for show, but not here at Pasta Brava. Would revisit, but only with Burpple Beyond deal. Price tag is a tad too high for a commoner like me, plus I can find places which serve similar quality at lower prices.

Pancakes were served jiggling their way to our table. How precarious. They were undeniably instaworthy - piles of fluffy-looking pancakes topped with fresh cream and grilled apple.

We didn’t expect ourselves to love it, after all, it is the stereotype that good-looking foods taste pretty average. But perhaps it was due to this low expectation that we found ourselves loving the pancakes.

Thoroughly eggy, fluffy and light. Personally I enjoy eggy pancakes so it was a delight. But I can see some disliking the extremely strong eggy flavour that comes through. The pancakes were super light, moist and fluffy, which made eating a breeze. Also thankful that these pancakes weren’t too sweet. Very well-balanced I would say.

Toppings were nothing to shout about. Definitely recommended if you love Japanese style pancakes!

(4 pieces for $12.20; 8 pieces for $16.20)

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Ah Tan Wings was one of those establishments that I’ve always wanted to try, but the locations are slightly out of the way.

I’m glad I tried it. It definitely lives up the the hype of being “one of the best Har Cheong Gai (HCG) wings in Singapore”.

Sinking my teeth into the crispy batter exploding with HCG flavors, I knew I was in for a treat. Batter was amazingly crispy and light, definitely not greasy. The HCG flavour was super on-point. Remember those half-hearted HCG wings you had? Ah Tan Wings are not those wings.

The chicken was amazingly juicy and not dry at all. HCG flavors had also penetrated into the chicken meat, making the entire experience a very enjoyable and HCG-packed one.

My only gripe would be that I was served COLD rice. Like really cold, it wasn’t even lukewarm. The service provided by a certain female was also pretty subpar. But no, this won’t stop me from revisiting and munching on these HCG wings with beer. Note to self, remember to ask for HOT rice next time!

Mild yet sufficient amount of yuzu flavour to cut the saltiness of the broth. Broth itself was pretty flavourful, and not too salty. I could taste that the broth was a result of the flavours of meats and not salt. It was also mildly garlicky. Every taste profile present was pretty well-balanced and didn’t overwhelm. Tangy and tasty is how I would describe the soup.

I thoroughly enjoyed the noodles, which had a nice bite to it. Slightly chewy and thin enough to grab the delicious soup with them.

All in all, a pretty good bowl of ramen. Would definitely revisit.

My only gripe would be the (pickled?) onions which were slightly off-putting for me. The taste was vinegary to me which didn’t go well with the elements of the bowl.