Nice ambience, it was quiet during lunch time too, good for a catch up with a friend or a casual date night. This dish was alright, portion was just right for me. Might taste a bit more flavourful if there was a little bit of spice though.

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Was looking forward to this but actually quite disappointed. Not the most flavourful and tasty. Not sure if I’ll order this again. Would probably try something different.

Best dish of the meal! Really liked this one, chicken was tender and sweet. Portion was big for the smaller option too. Would recommend this dish.

$15 for 2 herbal chicken soup, 2 portions of salted veg and comes with 2 lemon grass drinks. What better deal is there! Very tasty soup, would definitely come back for more!

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Super generous portion and very yummy!!!! I’ve been coming back for this and haven’t gotten sick of it yet 👍🏻 Not too spicy for someone who can’t take spice.

Service was pretty lame. Ordered this to share so I asked if the staff could cut the popiah up for us but they said they could only cut it into half, can’t cut into smaller pieces. Don’t understand this logic but will not come back again. Food reviews for real now - not great. With this service definitely not recommending it.

Such a steal for a large cup! Quite refreshing, but to be honest it’s just... tea and aiyu jelly. Meant to order the milk tea but got mixed up so trying this for the first time. Not too bad la.

Less flavourful than the laksa pasta. Overall was alright, definitely filling as it’s quite a reasonable portion. Generous amount of cheese on top too!

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Fish is quite fresh, portion is generous too. It’s a tad dry but it’s alright if you dip it in the paprika yoghurt sauce. Nice ambience, very pretty cafe!

Nice!!! It’s super flavourful, it’s essentially dried laksa. 10/10 would recommend!

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The boss was soooo friendly! Very welcoming and was very sociable, gave us recommendations proactively. This item was yummy too, it was a good mix of sauce and ingredients. I’m a fan of eggs and chicken floss so this was perfect for me. Not too big that it’s hard to eat. Everything’s great here!

Asked for lesser sugar syrup so it wasn’t sweet, quite refreshing though, chamomile tea taste was very strong.