💬 Back again trying different ice cream flavours. The waffle was crispy and fluffy as usual. 👍🏻

Ice Cream flavours:
• Oolong Osmanthus (left) - A unique choice of ice cream. But I personally prefer their Chrysanthemum ice cream over Osmanthus as it’s a much more farmilar taste to me.

• Pistachio (right) - Every bite of ice cream was companied with the grounded pistachio and I can taste the hint of pistachio.

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💬 My go to ramen place with rich and flavourful broth. Shio Ramen ($14.50++) Also ordered the Tokusen Toroniku Ramen ($23++), the pork cheeks are succulent and kind of melts in your mouth. Would probably give the aburi tokusen a try next time for more flavour.


💬 Was able to make a reservation at this outlet to avoid the queue. Meat was really flavouful especially with the condiments. The set came with a rice, soup and choice of salad / kimchi. If 100g of meat is too little for you, there are also options for 200g of meat.

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💬 Generous portion of creamy al dente pasta which can be alittle jelak (Available after 11am along with other non-breakfast items)

💬 Both ice cream flavours are creamy and rich in flavour👍🏻 Can taste the banana🍌 and the chrysanthemum🌼. Waffle is crispy and fluffy 🧇

One of the best ice cream and waffle place✨

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💬 The LRC Breakfast (bottom plate, $14) is a must try🤤👍🏻 It consist of a Bread-Coated fried soft egg, Spicy port chorizo sauce, Potato Foam, Potato Chip and Sourdough. I think it’s a unique dish✨

☕️ The coffee is really strong for a non-coffee drink. 🍟 Strong Truffle smell coming from the fries.

From top to bottom:
• White Coffee, $5.50
• Three Little Pig, $18 (they have a secret green sauce but it taste alittle earthy to me)
• Tater Tot, $12
• Truffles Fries with Parmesan,$12
• Ice Mocha, $6.50
• LRC Breakfast, $14

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💬🍚🍗 The rice and chicken sauce were really flavourful🤤. Chicken was tender.

I think it’s alittle pricey for the chicken portion size. (Could it be due to chicken shortage 🤷🏻‍♀️?)


💬 Rich flavorful broth with free flow bean sprout and hard boiled eggs. 🤤🍜

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💬 Went on a Friday night without a reservation so we waited for about 30mins in the queue (still okay 😛) They have different handmade pasta to choose from but they taste pretty much same to me. Pasta was al dente and the sauces were flavourful.

P.S. For those with very heavy flavour palette you might find the pasta alittle blend.

From top to bottom:
• Cacio E Pepe ($15.90, Full portion)
• Burratina Salad ($16.90)
• Fried Calamari ($8.00)
• Carbonara ($17.90, Full portion)

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💬 Decent portion size. Tempura was crispy & fresh. Wagyu was surprisingly tender. Extra $3 for a set meal that includes a chawanmushi and miso soup.

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💬 The waffles were thick and crispy (love it), but the ice creams were rather underwhelming. Creamy texture but it tastes nothing like what their name suggests. Alittle disappointed😕

From Top to Bottom:
🍁🍨Maple Ice Cream
🍪🥛Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
🥛🍨Cereal Milk Ice Cream

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