Ordered Miso Spaghetti, Steak and Cheeseburger.

Steak was really very good albeit it only comes with steak and no other sides.

This Miso Spaghetti was highly raved so I tried. I asked for half portion of sauce as I heard it is very jelak. Would advise to ask for lesser than half the sauce hahahah. Not too bad.

Did not try the cheeseburger but friend said it was good.

Real value is the value for money. Paid $31 for 3 meals for 3 pax using Burpple’s 50% off entire bill deal. Super worth.

Good staff & food! Waited a little but is okay because the shop seemed very busy.

- Army Stew
- Pork Jowl
- Pork Belly

We had 1-1 for the army stew & jowl. Pork belly not included for the burpple deal. Meat cuts were very premium & army stew was flavourful & had a lot of ingredients. VERY SATISFIED. WOULD COME BACK AGAIN. Although if you dont have the burpple deal it gets pricey.

Total paid: $65 for 2 pax (with 1 burpple deal)