~$19. Served in a hot pan! Decent aglio olio, though it could be slightly more oily than what you usually get. The prawn was fresh too. Overall still worth it with Burpple 1 for 1 deal :) (+ drink)

Love the ambience at the restaurant too

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What a pity because yesterday was their last day of operations :( will miss my go-to mentaiko pasta (~$13) as i prob won’t be able to find something as tasty and as affordable anymore

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Bun cha ($12.90) was good and we especially loved the pork meat balls and fried prawn roll. Also had beef pho combi (small) ($9.90), which was good enough for someone with an average appetite. I thought namnam was quite generous w the ingredients for both bowls!

Was a little hesitant to try this since the price could be quite steep ~$20. A pleasant surprise as the soufflé wasn’t as eggy as what I have tried elsewhere, and the matcha cream was rly rly good (not sweet, taste like something you would get from a good matcha latte)

Service was great. Waiters were attentive and friendly! Love the ambience as well.

Ordered prawn and scallop pasta ($28) and Mac n cheese ($24) and both dishes did not disappoint. The seafood was fresh and prawn bisque was tasty (slurped it all up!). The Mac n cheese had a decent amount of truffle taste to it :)

Would definitely come again and esp worth it with Burpple 1 for 1

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Have been in my wish list for quite a while, so I was q disappointed to see that it’s no longer 1 for 1 but 30% off instead (and only one redemption for weekend :()

Anw we got the pear oolong (which tasted good, but there were some of the residues that could have been sieved out) and soursop sem cha! Will try other flavours again if I’m passing by bugis :)

Real authentic fish and chips. Place smells like the fish n chips shops in London (fried oil aye). Standard portion is quite huge ($26+) and can be shared by 2, with a starter. Pork sausages tasted good as well ($14+).

Overall the food is great, but definitely q pricey

New pasta by Coffee Academics. Lemon was slightly bitter, but generally q pleased with the overall taste of the dish. Glad that the prawns are peeled too. Requested to remove bird eye chilli.
Could do more with the portion tho! Worth it w Burpple 1 for 1:)

Am I only the one who found PS cafe’s truffle fries rly underwhelming? It was on my bucket list for the longest time and I had a lot of expectations - only to feel disappointed after trying it. The fries were served cold and bland. I was quite sure I have tried way better truffle fries at other random cafes out there sigh

Used 3 Burpple deals (6 of us) and it was rly worth it! Got the pork jowl ($28), pork neck ($28) (not in the online menu), soy chicken thigh ($22), army stew ($24) +$5 for ramen, seafood bean paste stew ($18) + $5 for dumpling, and Kim cheese fried rice ($20).

Meat was good and they came with some mushrooms and onions! They will cook it for you as well so it’s a bonus. As for the stews, I think you can find better ones outside - broth can be thicker and could be more generous with the meat. The kimchi fried rice was something special tho, worth to try.

Overall the food was good, but it’s on the pricier side without Burpple beyond deals.

Ate chicken rice for breakfast before our hike because why not :) store was relatively empty at rail mall in the morning. Chicken was tender and the rice was fragrant as well. Little pricy at $5.50 per plate, but the taste makes up for it

First time trying out spring leaf prata and we were rly amazed at how crispy they were. Wanted to eat at rail mall’s outlet but it was rly crowded. Anw the egg prata was rly huge (the rectangular one)! Both egg and plain prata was super crispy, something you can’t find outside. Got both fish and chicken curry and we thought fish was the better choice. Teh Tarik was not sweet too

Anw we bought vouchers on shopee during flash sale (10 cents each for 3 items), super good deal!