My last visit was years ago, menu had changed but food still good and they still have interesting cocktail. Crispy chicken skins were crispy and oil used was fresh. Liked the roasted cauliflowers and lobster pasta was good. A nice casual place to hangout with friends depending on which table assign.

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Chances upon this small restaurant in forum when I was staycating nearby. The menu is interesting with some items Instagram worthy. I am happy with the food quality. Many soft shell crabs have very strong taste of the crab which I can’t take it but this is not. I like my cod fish with the mentaiko but do careful that it will have some bones. I will visit again with friends so that I can try other items on the menu.

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Food quality was good and service was fast. If I will want a leisure lunch, I won’t eat here as there have 3 seatings on Sunday. And the disappointing experience was some items were not available or ran out and staff didn’t inform when they passed the menu (and this was not once!). At 12:30pm and I was told the porridge was ran out. Dim sum lunch without porridge and chang fen? And a few of the dessert were not available?

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First time to this restaurant chain. I only ordered their XO Carrot Cakes based on online review. And yes I will order again. Slightly unlike the traditional carrot cakes. With the added roe, it gives every bite another level of texture. My best of the night was my house wine - Pinot noir. Usually house red will taste more acidic or not so smooth. The two glasses which I had were smooth and properly breath. Service wise depending on who is the service staff. Personally will give them above average for overall service experience.

Ordered via Deliveroo and I must said the cafe packed the food well. When we spent a higher price for delivery, we expect our food or drink to be presented not far off from we having them in the cafe. Thumb up for the way they packed their coffee! It was covered with a plastic wrap before the cup cover and secure with the egg tray. (Fyi, I keep those clean egg tray for reuse). This is one of those cafe which serve almond milk. I have problem finding such cafes in Singapore as commonly served is soy or oat. Coming to their food, their Japanese bento was nice but only negative point is if you order their cod fish bento, please careful of fish bones. This one is not suitable for kids. I had their rosti. Overall, I will still order from them.

I decided to give this a try due to positive online reviews. Personally, my entire experience was just slightly below average. Will I visit again? Not really. I went on a Tuesday afternoon at 2+pm. My first impression upon stepping into the cafe was bad. A busy staff with horrified tone greeted us. When we seated, ordered and waiting for our food, we realised their staff just don’t seem to remember the food were for which table and kept serving food to wrong table. Some of items on the menu also ran out. I had their sweet potatoes, chicken mee sua, popcorn chicken and longan red date tea. The mee sua did not impressed me. Sweet potatoes and popcorn chicken were fine. The red date longan was solid. I guess my experience when I first stepped into the cafe did affect my appetite. And with nothing to wow or fantastic about the food, it just did not score any positive points from me.

Have been want to try this shop which I walk past a few times. Finally, bought their tarts! My favourite is their lychee. Their dark chocolate is too heavy for me and cherry & berry fruit is sour for me. Overall, only the lychee and mango mixed fruits which I can finish one whole tart without feeling too heavy. Will recommend if you have a sweet tooth.

Ordered this via grab. Running out good dim sum restaurant to order. Happen to chance upon this and based on online review, decided to give it a go. Was a happy customer. Sorry it my lousy photography doesn’t do justice to the food. I ordered chicken porridge and zha leong. Porridge was the typical Cantonese style which I liked. Zha leong was nice and the skin was thin. Will I order again? YES!

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Ordered a few flavours through group buy as well as their Hawaiian toast. Chocolate lava is too much for me. I liked the peach aloe vera and Hawaiian toast. Surprisingly the bread still crispy the next day after reheat. Don’t use air fryer as the quality will not be that nice. Will I buy again? Yes but not a must.

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Ordered via Grab. Have ordered their porridges a few times. Food quality is consistent and have a good options of porridge and some sides to go along. A good portion as well. What I also like is that their set comes with you tiao. A comforting food especially during rainy day. Recommend!

Minion black truffle crab croquettes were nice. Pumpkin mantou with chill crab sauce more on the spicy side. Mac and cheese was a bit dry. Menu is limited and quality of the food average. If you are a minion fan then visit!

$17++ dish but worth it! I am a small eater so I only went for this appetizer and skipped the main course. I can’t imagine to have every dish consist of lobster. Love their Mac & Cheese. It was good that I could one mouthful after one mouthful, satisfying!