Still my favourite ice cream waffle place. Quality and I like that I have a choice of the complements

I love this cocktail. It was of gin, shiso umeshu & saffron. I like mix of woody feel. It sort of like drinking whisky with a cigar on hand. Will I order this again? YES!

I was there for a family lunch. The food quality is good here. The only downside is the dining duration was an hour which I found rush. Will I come again? If only the dining duration is longer as I don’t like to rush through my weekend dining.

Love the fried eggplant with chicken pork floss and 8hrs golden broth soup! Limited dim sum items. If you like custard, do order the house specialty black good egg custard buns. The butterfly pea Har Kau is IG worthy! The venue is also IG worthy!

Thumb up for this and good delivery packaging. I selected the Tokyo banana for the ice cream to go with it. Perfect combination! I am small eater so can only finished half portion. Will I recommend? Yep!

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This was the 2nd visit and the food still good and surprised me. The blue crab slider come in double and I finished them all! After had the first slider, it just made me wanted to finish the 2nd one. I thought I might not like scallop ceviche as I don’t usually take raw food. This was proved me wrong and surprised me. The sauce took away the rawness of the scallops!

Ordered these from group buy. The fanciers are not too sweet which suits my palate. Ordered the vanilla, Milo and durian creme brûlée. I find the caramelised sugar on the bitter side. Overall, nothing to shout about.

First time to this restaurant and I loved the ambiance of the restaurant. And don’t deceive by the limited and not so easy to understand menu. The food was surprisingly nice! My fav were the hasselback potato with black garlic & parmesan sauce (I love the sauce!) and Devilled crab & crispy potato crackers. And of course the wide choice of wine! A place very suitable for date night ;). Will definitely return again!


Not sure if this is special item available for a period only. Nothing to hype about in term of taste but definitely it is Instagram worthy. I see people ordered this for birthday girls. Definitely is a piece of art!

It’s a very small place and as the name says, a drinking place. Surprisingly their food is great as well. Definitely a must try for the soup with Niu Er Hong. You be surprise that the alcohol actually brought out the flavours of the soup. Xiao long bao was too much whiskey to my liking. Fried fish snack was crispy and fresh. Their cab fried rice, prawn & garlic glass noodles and seafood hor fun were flavourful - thumbs up 👍🏻! Will definitely recommend this place for food. Drink wise could not comment since we were dining with kids. And the place do have baby chairs and cutlery.

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Had did takeaways a few time from this restaurant and every time it didn’t fail me. Had saw this promotion for quite some time and was craving for crabs so gave it a shot. The crabs was fresh and sauce was nice. Not much meat though. Still reasonable for price like this. I always liked their dim sum and it was having 20%! My place were 15mins drive from Suntec. And the food were always still hot when I cab home. One thing I liked about the restaurant was they always cut the container cover for fried food so that the steam would not made the food soggy. I like people who 用心 to prepare food.

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My friend had arranged a birthday dinner for me here. We ordered a few dishes since I never a big eater. The cocktails were so so for us. Lychee scallops tasted bland. The fried char siew buns and cod fish were nice. I had the osmanthus jelly for dessert which ingredient was solid. And their birthday longevity buns were nicely presented. Will I recommend this restaurant? Yes!

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