Bacon curried rice with raisins, runny egg, caramelised onions and sour cream. The mix of flavours in this one was really balanced. The sweet onions complemented the savoury rice and I am a fan sour cream so that definitely ticked some boxes. I loved this! Only gripe is that the egg wasn’t runny.

Ordered a couple of other things too:
Honey tater tots [$13.40] - just your usual tater tots with a tinge of sweetness
Meatballs and toast [$19.30] - same one they have at Columbus/atlas
Fennel pork and shrooms pasta [$22.90] - not too bad but a little dry for me


[$10.50] + 2.50 for mushroom soup and ice lemon tea

Honestly a very pleasant surprise - don’t know where else you can get cafe food at such prices. Chicken was generously portioned, succulent and juicy. Waffles were chewy and tasty - they had a similar texture to the old udders Belgian waffles if that’s helpful.

My fellow diners ordered the chicken rose pasta and black pepper chicken - can’t say much because I didn’t try it but they were both pleased with their meals!

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$5/7/9 per plate

We got the $7 one, pictured above. Portion was a little smaller than expected, but the flavour more than made up for it! Really tasty and flavourful! They were generous with the lard and pork belly too. Almost everyone in the coffeeshop was eating this.

Can’t remember the name for this but it was $78. Not much lobster for the hefty price tag but I must say it was fresh and juicy. The pasta surprised me with its flavour and al dente texture. It was one of the rare times when I actually finished the whole serving of pasta. They also served complimentary bread (a tiny slice of sourdough and a mini baguette) which was fluffy and fresh. The baguette was just right, crunchy in the outside and super fluffy on the inside. I surprised myself by finishing all the bread too.

Also pro tip: sign up for their loyalty service (qr code is on the placemat) to get 20% the ala carte bill!

Got this to share between 4 people. You may be a bit hungry if you’re only eating this. We got some har cheong gai from another staff in this coffeeshop today share too. Tbh it wasn’t spectacular, but I liked that they used pork belly instead of lard and that there were some clams in the dish that you don’t normally find in hokkien mee.

Got this with 1-1 burpple beyond. A decent drink, albeit on the sweet side. You can probably ask the staff to reduce the honey though. Honestly wouldn’t pay full price for it but with the 1-1, it was pretty enjoyable and worth it.

Was very apprehensive about this at first but it turned out to be rather pleasant! Texture is a little like minced tuna sashimi and the light and juicy pear sticks really complemented the dish.

Also ordered the pork and beef set for 2pax. Personally preferred the pork as it was more flavourful. Overall it’s not bad.

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Second time here using burpple beyond and I must say I’m loving it more and more! Peach tieguanyin had a strong tea taste- tea lovers are bound to enjoy it. The soursop one tasted a bit more like a juice. Both are really refreshing! My favourite is still the pear high mountain oolong though.


My personal favourite from this place! A really good take on barramundi which I usually have in a Chinese style. Fish was fresh and moist, and the layer of crispy skin added a contrast in texture. The pesto wasn’t very strong but that was fine by me. The highlight, to me, was the buttery creamy mashed potatoes served in a generous portion under the fish!


Got this at 1-1 with burpple beyond - really worth it! Fish was really moist and flaky. Beer batter had a good crisp to it tasted really fresh! The fries were decent too.

Actually tried this at anchor point but there’s no location tag yet. It’s really smooth and creamy yet you can taste the coconut water, which neutralises the gelat effect and makes it refreshing. Substantial amounts of coconut flesh for you to nom on too. A little pricey at $4.40 though.

One of the best fried prawn mees I have tried. Noodles are bursting with flavour and they give you 2 big crunchy prawns. Heard that the gravy is reduced with pork skin, making it smooth and tasty. They were really generous with the lard. It is served with a small bowl of (refillable) soup, which was pretty normal. We ordered 3 portions ($16.80 each). Also ordered a prawn pancake in bean curd skin and a large portion of spicy chicken wings. The sides were fine but nothing to rave about. Bill came up to about $83 for 4pax - a little pricey