From the left
Choco Ovaltine Cake
Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Sweet desserts which will lead you into a sugar rush


The balance and texture is damn nice. Worth the price . Lemak cili padi is nice🖒

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Located at Haji Lane!

Orders in pic for 2 person :
Kawaebi (Fried Shrimp)
Salmon Terriyaki
Ribeye Beef
Passionfruit and Mango Juice
3 x Gohan ( Rice topped with sprinkled wasabi/spice)

Total was a damn good reasonable price!

2 Pax meal just for 16 Bucks!!! A MUST TRY delicacy In SG

This chicken wings coated like somewhat bbq stingray sauce which give your taste buds booming! Really a good stater dish! Really worth the Money!

Classic yet filling! This is not any ordinary mac and cheese!
Serves with sliced thick juicy chicken with garlic bread

Worth the money!

Variety of flavour to choose for your sinfully Milkshake! I chooose this two wonderful flavours :
Chocolate + Caremel

Every milkshake comes with two smores marshmellow!
Pricing : $10++

Authentic Thai food.
Small in portion but filling!
Must try!

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Around 30 per Pax and Total for this meal is 60 Bucks!
From left :-
1) COD Fish and Chips
2) Truffles Chips
3) Dory Fish and Chips

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