There’s always a long queue at this stall and today I finally found out why. The chicken is soft and tender, generous in portion and the rice is served piping hot and fragrant, without being overly mushy or oily. Altogether one of the better chicken rice stalls around, highly recommended!

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Chahan Unagi ($21) this was my favorite dish of the meal!! Fried rice was perfect - piping hot, garlicky and so tasty. Unagi was fresh and not dry at all. Made extra worth it with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1.

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Beef King Don ($20.80) serving size was generous, beef was pretty tasty, made extra worth-it with Burpple 1-for-1. Otherwise, it’s not something super special and unique to Uncle Kiisu imo.

Black Fries Day ($10.80) I was so shocked when this dish came because the cheese was entirely black!! Shoestring fries covered with black (squid ink??charcoal??) cheese, mentaiko and a runny egg. This was pretty tasty!

Samurai Kueh Pie Tee ($7.80) this dish was filled with a generous amount of filling in each cup. Pretty decent, but nothing to shout about imo.

Mythical Chawanmush ($4.80) was recommended to us by our friendly server. The “mythical” unicorn is actually squid ink jelly that melts into the chawanmushi at the bottom. Novelty aside, the dish was actually loaded with a generous scoop of ikura, and a slice of scallop sashimi on top of truffle-infused chawanmushi.

Banh mi heo quey (roasted pork & pate) & Banh mi bo xao pho mai (stir fried beef & cheese) ($10 each). This little place is such a hidden gem! Tucked a couple of doors down from the more well-known Mrs Pho, Co Hai Banh Mi occupies 2 stories, with the second floor especially well decorated with flowers, vintage frames and air-conditioned seating. Words cannot describe how much we LOVED the banh mi here! Baguettes are baked fresh in house, generous amounts of filling are piled into the crispy yet fluffy baguettes. We also immensely enjoyed the Iced Vietnamese Tea ($1 each). Will be back to try the pho and bun dishes but for now, very very impressed with the Banh Mi. Highly recommend this little eatery, food is fantastic, service is good, deco/ambience (esp on the second level) is amazing.

Seafood Spring Roll ($4 for 2) was a lil taken aback by the colour at first (thought it would be burnt) but ohmy this was so good!! The spring rolls were made fresh to order, came piping hot and tasted amazing. Vegetarian option available too. Highly recommend this little eatery, food is fantastic (and affordable), service is good, deco/ambience (esp on the second level) is amazing.

Rich Broth Ramen with All Toppings ($19.90) was absolutely delicious!! Love the strong flavors of the broth, noodles were perfect and the ingredients were well balanced too! They serve both pork chashu and chicken chashu (which is really interesting btw) Definitely one of my favourite keisuke concepts. As with the other outlets, free flow hard boiled eggs and beansprouts are served here. Everything is customizable as options to include certain ingredients or remove some are available. Really really enjoyed the rich, hearty broth here.

Iced Alishan Tea ($3.80) was a light and refreshing treat. Do note that this does not actually contain milk, it just appears milky because the ice tea is shaken. They leave the teabag in there so you know the tea is legit from tea leaves in a teabag. I enjoyed this drink, though it is slightly on the pricier end for a simple non-milk no-toppings iced tea (compared to other tea outlets that have plain teas going for $3 or less)

Beef Larb Bowl ($18) is essentially thai-style 卤肉饭. Interesting flavor if you like sour and spicy but otherwise, not that impressive and not very worth $18 imo. 1 for 1 available on Entertainer 2019.

Spicy Salmon Poke ($9.90 for choice of one poke and one base, additional $1.50 for avocado) lots of choices here!! I really liked the poke as the salmon was fresh and they were soo generous with the fish as well. Would recommend this for a quick lunch in the CBD area, take out option available too.

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